Xenon Test Chamber


Xenon Test Chamber

Innova Xenon Aging test chamber is a comprehensive climate testing machine, that can do the climatic aging tests and the lightfastness test of polymer materials exposed to simulated sunlight. It simulates the light, temperature, rainfall, condensing, and humidity to test the materials; it can be used for choosing new materials, improving existing materials, or assessment of changes in material composition.


Main Features:

1. Light Test: Simulates the full sunlight spectrum/lightfastness on the indoor material

2. Rain test: Simulates outdoor rain on products and materials

3. Temperature control: Simulates indoor, and outdoor temperature to control the temperature

4. Humidity control: Simulates indoor and outdoor humidity to control the humidity

5. Darkness Control: Simulates the dark environment to control the temperature and humidity. 

6. Xenon Tester is mainly for the test of non-ferrous/ organic /rubber plastic and building materials. It can provide data for users to evaluate the products' properties and performance in order to improve the product qualities.