Salt Spray Cycling Corrosion Test Cabinet


Salt Spray Cycling Corrosion Test Cabinet

Salt spray cycling test cabinet can be used to simulated condition that more often meet at natural environment, and then deteriorated the natural environment to be tested, such as the salt spray, dry, wet, room temperature, low temperature environment, it is used to test the anti-erosion quality of the surface of all materials after the rust-proof of painting, coating, electroplating, anoding and rust-proof of greasing.anti corrosion treatment for a variety of materials, corrosion resistance of their products.


What is metal coating salt spray test chamber?


 Metal coating salt spray test chamber is used to inspect salt corrosion ability of materials and protective layers through simulating ocean climate, compare process quality for similar protective layers. 


What kind of materials/products/industries will use metal coating salt spray test chamber?


Automotive, electronic component, metal materials, marine, aerospace and paint/coating, etc.


How  many test methods does metal coating salt spray test chamber have?


There are four test methods as following mentioned:

  • NSS test (neutral salt spray test) is the widely used accelerated corrosion test method. It adops 5% saline solution with PH value of 6~7, test temperature is 35℃, precipitation of salt spray is 1~2ml/80cm/hr.

  • ASS test (acetic acid salt spray test) is developed based on NSS test. Adding some glacial acetic acid into saline solution, and make the PH value of solution to be 3, then solution becomes acidic solution, so does salt fog. Its corrosion speed is 3 times faster than NSS test.

  • CASS test(copper-accelerated acetic acid-salt spray test) is a kind of fast salt spray corrosion test, add some copper salt into saline solution, test temperature is 50℃, its corrosion speed is about 8 times than the NSS test


1. Adopt automatically add water system, can watered by itself while lack of water.

2. Precise glass spray nozzle, good uniformity, mist dropping naturally, no Na-Cl crystallized salt.

3. Double over-heat protection devise and alarm when water short storage to ensure use safety.

4. Digitally temperature controller, PID controlled.

5. Tapered Spray tower, even mist dropping.

6.Applicable fields including automobile parts, aviation equipment, photographic equipment, building materials, electricity, electrical and electronic systems.

7. Comply with ASTM B-287, JIS D-0205, H-8681, Z-2371, K-5400,etc.

What kind of test standard does metal coating salt spray test chamber comply with?
  • GB/T 2423.17-1993 salt spray test

  • GB/T 2423.18-2000 salt spray test

  • GB/T 10125-1997 salt spray test

  • ASTM.B117-97 salt spray test

  • JIS H8502 salt spray test

  • IEC68-2-11 salt spray test

  • IEC68-2-52 1996 salt spray test

  • GB.10587-89  salt spray test

  • CNS.4158  salt spray test

  • CNS.4159 CASS  Accelerated acetic acid copper salt spray test

  • GB/T 12967.3-91 CASS  Accelerated acetic acid copper salt spray test


Innova Climate Test Chamber Brochure

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