Low-Temp Circulator


Low-Temp Circulator

DX series low-temperature circulator, or low-temperature bath, can carry out low-temperature constant temperature test in the open cold bath in the machine, or circulate the low-temperature liquid externally to cool or constant temperature other equipment. DX series adopts non start stop refrigeration technology, combined with PID fuzzy control, for fast refrigeration and precise temperature control.

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* Vertical design, small footprint, easy to operate.

* Large tank opening, easy to carry out experiments in the tank.

* Fully enclosed air cooled compressor refrigeration.  With delay, overheat, overpower protection.

* Can choose different low temperature set value, automatic precision constant temperature.

* Dynamic temperature control system, small temperature fluctuation, uniform temperature in the tank.

* Temperature display value and set value, double window dual-color display, clear and intuitive.

* With software lock function, irrelevant personnel can not modify the control parameters.

* Ultra quiet circulation pump, cooling other equipment requiring low temperature.

* Stainless steel low temperature tank of various sizes, to meet a variety of low temperature applications.

* Standard stainless steel interface, can be equipped with a variety of sizes of hoses, external closed circuit circulation optional alarm interface, optional RS485 communication, easy to connect.


Low-Temp Circulator

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