Humidity climate test chamber is used to test the materials in heat&cold resistance, dry and moisture-resistance.

Applications: electronic, plastic products, electrical appliances, instruments, food, beverage, vehicles, metals, chemicals,building materials, aerospace, medical care and so on.


1. Stainless steel SUS#304
2. Energy-efficient refrigeration with exclusive electronic expansion valve system.
3. Specialized humidity generation and control.
4. Printer connector and RS485 connector are options which can connect printer and computer to record the parameters and the
variations of temperature.(optional)
5. There is a 50mm instruction connection hole on the left side of the chamber for easy testing operation and temperature

Optional Accessories

1. Low humi. Dehumidifying system
2. Inner glass door with manual operating ports
3. Temp./ humi. Recorder
4. Pure water treatment device
5. Reverse osmosis water purifier
6. RS-485 interface can be linked to PC and achieve multi-level control and recording software management.

7. LN2 / LCO2 fast cooling-down system

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