Sanitary Isolation Type Double Door Washer


Sanitary Isolation Type Double Door Washer

The best solution for preventing cross-infection in hospitals. It has the functions of high-efficiency vibration resistance, water saving and energy saving, ultra-high dust resistance and anti-corrosion. It is also suitable for pharmaceutical factories, food factories and microelectronic products manufacturers and other environmental requirements of clean production workshops.


Intelligent Control System

● Computer automatic control system for the programmable controller, touch screen man-machine system, multiple security and authority control.

● The equipment has the operation authority of management personnel. The washing and disinfection system is set by password management. Multiple technicians and operators can be set.

● The equipment washing system has the function of audit traceability. When the key parameters are modified, the system shall conduct audit tracking on the modification date, time, and modification person, and query the linen batch with washing problems.

● Dehydration safety control function, when the unbalanced force is too large automatically stop and alarm.

Heavy-duty Structure, Strong and Durable

● Large load integrated bearing, multi-layer spindle seal and rear drive design, more

balanced force, no maintenance, long service life.

● Panel, liner, and other key parts are made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, anticorrosive and durable.

● Shock absorber system with spring suspension damping device, equipped with a damper, vibration energy attenuation absorption function, and more stable operation. reduce the impact force.

● Adopt a bidirectional frequency conversion motor, which can adjust the speed according to different clothing and washing requirements, equipped with motor overload protection device and automatic balance control, equipped with motor overload protection device and automatic balance control.

● It can be heated quickly by electric heating or steam heating.

Rigorous Design, Safety, and Security

● Independent electric box design, and standard wiring, greatly reduce dust, fluff, and other adverse effects on electrical components.

● Multiple safety design, the inner door lock adopts a telescopic mobile safety lock, and the outer door adopts a pneumatic locking device, a double guarantee of safety.

● The inner cage adopts a special flexible punching process, the inner and outer surfaces do not hang silk, and do not damage the cloth.

● Advanced inverter drive system, frequency control, save energy consumption.

● The installation must be fixed to the ground with bolts or expansion screws.


Drum diameter800mm
Washing rotation36r/min
Fast spinning720r/min
Motor Power4kW
Electric heater capacity15kW
VFD capacity4kW
Steam pressure0.3-0.5Mpa
Water in-let Pipe diameterG1 1/2''
Steam pipe diameterG1''
Machine net weight1500kg