Fully Automatic Energy-saving Dryer


Fully Automatic Energy-saving Dryer

With SUS304 stainless steel roller, durable anti-corrosion, energy-saving drying, and other characteristics. Suitable for small laundry, sock factories, dry cleaners, and other places, it can meet customers" high-intensity drying requirements.

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Efficient thermal insulation, energy-saving operation

● High-density ventilation holes in the rotary cage ensure that the heat passes through the cloth to fully dry the cloth in the shortest time, reducing drying time and energy consumption.

● The outer cylinder insulation layer design reduces heat radiation from the metal shell and reduces energy consumption.

● Adopt the forward and reverse tumble options for precise drying, resulting in shorter drying time and more energy saving.

● Drawer type large area plush collector avoids air duct blockage and improves drying efficiency.

Industrial-grade design, rugged and durable

● Large load split bearing, rear transmission design, more balanced stress, no maintenance, long service life.

● The inner liner is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, without burrs and damaging the fabric, with corrosion resistance and durability.

Rigorous design, easy to use

● The 180-degree door opening angle design allows easy, convenient, and safe opening, closing, and loading/unloading.

● Adopt computer automation control to achieve more accurate drying time and temperature.

● Users can set different drying modes according to the thickness of different clothing materials.

● During operation, when the door is opened, it stops and when the door is closed, it can be added or deleted at any time.


Drum diameter750mm750mm
Drum depth500mm645mm
Fan power0.33kw0.33kw
Motor power0.12kw0.12kw
Electric heating power7.5-9kw7.5-10kw
Gas heating consumption1kg/h1-1.5kg/h
Front width880mm880mm
Side depth985mm1130mm
Main materialsSUS304
Product quality systemISO9001
Manufacturer certificationISO14001