Automatic Single Roller Ironing Machine


Automatic Single Roller Ironing Machine

INNOVA ironing machines can adopt electric heating/steam heating/gas heating methods, and the transmission adopts a speed-regulating motor. The speed can be adjusted at will according to the heating temperature and the thickness of the linen, ensuring stable and durable operation.


Heavy-duty construction, sturdy and durable

● The selected diameter of the main drum is 800mm high-quality stainless steel material has a specially treated surface, and the cloth sizing powder is not easy to pick and stick. Therefore, it has the characteristics of long service life, high heat transfer efficiency, high ironing quality, and fast ironing speed.

● The motor is controlled with high-quality frequency converters and speed reducers, resulting in low energy consumption, low noise, and simple and convenient operation.

● The belt pulley and sprocket are used for combined transmission, with large bearing capacity, stable operation, and long service life.

High-quality ironing effect, easy to operate

● The temperature can be set by yourself, and the button type switch is more convenient and convenient.

● The ironing belt adopts the self-weight of the transmission shaft and spring to achieve automatic tensioning and improve the ironing effect of the linen.

● The front and rear rollers are misaligned to iron the belt and fully iron the linen.

● The box is accurately processed using a CNC machine tool to ensure overall parallelism and better fit the linen.

Rigorous design and guaranteed safety

● Independent electrical box design and standard wiring greatly reduce the adverse effects of dust, fluff, and other factors on electrical components.

● The unique differential design and installation method of the ironing belt solve the common problems of the roller-type ironing machine, such as the wrinkles at both ends and the poor ironing quality of small linen.

● A switch device is installed on the front of the machine to improve the personal safety of the operator.


ModelElectric heating fund
Number of rollers1 pcs
Regular ironing width1000mm
Customizable ironing width1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3300mm
Conventional voltage380V
Diameter of main roll cage800mm
Lroning speed0-6m/min
Motor power1.1kW
Electric heating power28.8kW
Front width2120mm
Side depth1300mm
Product quality systemISO9001/CE
Manufacturer certificationISO14001