Particle Analyzer


Particle Analyzer

With the widespread use of injections in clinical practice, clinical adverse reactions caused by insoluble particles in injections continue to occur.Innova Particle Analyzer adopts innovative technology and optimal quality,committed to the global drug testing industry.Equipped with thousands of different particle sizes can be free set up, accuracy 0.1µm.The high performance processor, nearly 10000 counting channels, realize high precision data acquisition.


· With a variety of standard of specific testing procedures, Size and number of the insoluble particles of injection, germless powder and infusion apparatus can be checked directly.

· The test accuracy can be guaranteed with the laser source of high energy and light compensation circuit for all colorless and colorful clear samples.

· With the High-precision sample feeding system of high pressure injector, the injection volume and injection speed can be set up are according to species and the viscosity of the test sample, high accuracy feeding, detection of high viscosity products to meet testing requirements, and not subject to geographical location and other factors, use requirements to meet the areas at different altitudes.

· Injection slit and piping made from the 316L and PTFE materials, direct detection of organic solvent, oil and other special matrix solution.

· All channels can be set up, precision can reach 0.1µm, with the accumulated value and the difference value and so many counts methods, to meet all the requirements of particle testing in different areas.

· Built-in calibration curve, can automatically complete the calibration of channel and injection volume to meet the calibration , ensure that the sample size、particle counting、accuracy of sensor resolution, and then to ensure the accuracy of test results of equipment.

· A special test programme for small injection agents is made with sample feeding amount per the volume signed, converting automatically to particle size and number of each container afterwards, meeting requirements of China Pharmacopeia and the international standard.

· A friction free impeller mixer of adjustable speed is used for even distribution of particles in containers of various forms, avoid particulate pollution generated by friction, with higher accuracy.

· A large color LCD touch screen is used with personal Chinese interface, convenient and efficient operation, powerful functions for information of multi channel test data and block sketches at the same time.

· The function of drug name and medical equipment pre set up is adopted for keeping database of injection agents , with convenient and efficient operation.

· Automatic data processing and printing functions are used for on line management of lab operation platforms, being connected with computers for size analysis and concentration analysis of special analysis software.


ParametersIPA-16   Particle AnalyzerIPA-64   Particle Analyzer
Channel SettingsChannel Set up:16 Channel, thousands of different particle sizes can be free set up, accuracy 0.1µmChannel Set up:64 Channel, thousands of different particle sizes can be free set up, accuracy 0.1µm
Test Range1~500µm
Count Range0~9999999particle
Sample Volume0.2ml~1000ml(accuracy 0.1ml)
Injection Volume Accuracy<±0.5%(0.2ml~1000ml)<±0.5%
Syringe Volume1ml、2.5ml、5ml、10ml、25ml arbitrary choose/
Sample Speed2~100ml/min,arbitrary set up5~80ml/min
Counting Accuracy< required value ±5%
Channel Resolution>95%
Relative Standard DeviationRSD<1.5%(standard particle1000 particle/ml)
The Best Detection concentration0~18000 particle/ml
Mixing Speed0~2000r/min,impeller mixer of adjustable0~1000r/min, impeller mixer of adjustable
Operation Temperature10~40℃
Electric SourceAC 220Ⅴ±10%;50Hz;<80WAC 220V±10% ; 50Hz; <80W
Data OutputA large color LCD touch screen; Built-in Pin mini-printer; RS232 interface can connect computer.Built-in Pin mini-printer; RS232 interface can connect computer; USB saved interface


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