Clarity Detector


Clarity Detector

The instrument was developed according to the regulations of the inspection device in the injection clarification inspection rules and judgment standards. It is suitable for the clarity detection of various injections, large infusions, and bottled liquid medicines.



Clarity detector CD-2 and CD-3

  1. The traditional timing dial is removed, and it is changed to chip integrated control, full touch buttons, easy to operate, and the service life of the instrument is increased by 3 times

  2. Users can calibrate the illuminance of the instrument by themselves according to the standard illuminance meter, that is, the self-calibration function is added.

  3. Increased the length of the bottom whiteboard, enabling side-by-side detection of infusion bags

  4. The detection lamp is upgraded to a grade A refined pharmaceutical inspection lamp, and the service life is twice that of the traditional lamp

  5. Increase voltage stability control circuit, detection optical system eliminates stroboscopic, adjustable illumination, improves visual resolution, and reduces visual fatigue.

  6. Using a digital electronic illuminance meter, the reading is intuitive, stable, and reliable, the detection time can be set arbitrarily, and it has a sound and light alarm function.

Clarity detector CD-2A

  1. It can directly detect the clarity of raw materials for injection and injections.

  2. The instrument adopts a full-color LCD touch screen for operation control, and has four-level authority management and audit trail functions, which fully meets the data integrity requirements of GMP, and is an effective instrument for liquid consistency evaluation.


Clarity detector CD-2 Technical parameter

Power: 20W

Lamp tube: 20W (special grade A refined tricolor fluorescent lamp, electronic ballast)

Illumination range: 1000—6000LX

Time limit range: 1-99S can be set arbitrarily

Dimensions: 703mm×175mm×513mm

Clarity detector CD-3

Illumination range: 1000—6000LX

Power source: AC220V±10% 50Hz

Power: 22W

Lamp tube: 20W (Special grade A refined tri-color fluorescent lamp, electronic ballast)

Time limit range: 1-99S can be set arbitrarily

Dimensions: 703mm×345mm×513mm

Weight: 18Kg

Clarity detector CD-2A Technical parameter

Measuring principle: 90° scattered light

Light source wavelength: LED light source wavelength 860nm

Measuring range: 0~10NTU, 10~100NTU, 100~1000NTU, automatic range

Resolution: 0.01NTU(0-10NTU), 0.1NTU(10.0-100), 1NTU(100-1000NTU)

Indication error: ±2%F.S

Repeatability: ≤0.5%

Zero drift: ±0.5%F.S

Instrument calibration: 1~5 points automatic calibration

Interface: USB

Ambient temperature: room temperature -65°C

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz