Intelligent tablet four-purpose instrument


Intelligent tablet four-purpose instrument

The intelligent tablet four-purpose instrument is used to test the hardness, friability, disintegration time limit and dissolution rate of the tablet respectively. It is an extremely ideal multi-drug testing instrument in one machine.

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  1. Intelligent, automatic control, automatic detection, automatic diagnosis, automatic alarm.

  2. Magnetic water pump circulating water flow uniform heating system, the water bath temperature is uniform.

  3. Automatic temperature control with high-temperature control accuracy.

  4. Automatic time control, automatic timing shutdown.

  5. The parameters can be preset at will; the preset value and real-time value can be displayed in time-sharing.

  6. Dissolution of three cups and three rods, one word and one row; the head part is manually turned, stable and flexible.

  7. Imported SUS316L stainless steel is used for dissolution blushing and paddle shaft.

  8. Two ways of disintegration run at the same time, automatic timing stop.

  9. The brittle crushing machine automatically controls the rotation speed of the cylinder and the number of rotations with high control precision.

  10. Hardness high-precision pressure sensor, digital display hardness value.

  11. Continuously measure the hardness value of the tablet, manually load the tablet, control the motor, and automatically pressurize.

  12. Automatic display, automatic latch, automatic reset, automatic cycle test


Technical parameter:

Dissolution Quantity: 3 pieces

Temperature control range (20~40)℃±0.3℃

Speed adjustment range (20~200)rpm±2rpm

Timing range (1~900)min±0.5min

Rotary swing ±0.5mm

Basket swing ±1.0mm

Number of baskets: 2

Round-trip frequency (30~32) times/minute

Round-trip stroke (55±2)mm

Number of cylinders 1

Cylinder size Inner diameter 286mm Depth 39mm

Sliding height 156mm

Cylinder speed (25±1) rev/min

Number of cylinder circles (100±1) circles

Hardness range (2~199)N±1N

Diameter range (3~40)mm

Power supply 220V/50Hz/600W

Dimensions (52×38×47) cm