IMS/IMS-A series Medicine Stability Test Chamber


IMS/IMS-A series Medicine Stability Test Chamber

Provide a long-term stable temperature, humidity and light environment required for medical failure evaluation, and is suitable for pharmaceutical companies to conduct accelerated tests, long-term tests and high-humidity tests on medicines.


★Outer box material: cold-rolled steel plate surface spray plastic; internal material: SUS304 stainless steel plate.

★The inner box is equipped with fans to form micro-air circulation, and the temperature inside the box is highly uniform.

★Intelligent PID temperature and humidity controller, accurate temperature control; parameter memory function, automatically resumes operation after power on.

★The inner box adopts arc structure design for easy cleaning.

★Pull-out movable shelves with adjustable spacing.

★Equipped with casters for easy movement.

★SECOP refrigeration compressor, high efficiency, low consumption; fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigerant.

★Built-in water tank and automatic water replenishment interface.

★Automatically turn off the power supply of the humidifier when there is no humidifying water.

★IMS come standard with a micro thermal printer.

★IMS-A is equipped with temperature and humidity controller: temperature and humidity real-time curve display; 600-day historical data can be checked.

★IMS-A comes standard with ø35mm detection hole.


Temperature range0~65℃—20~65℃
Humidity range40%~95RH40%~95RH
Temperature uniformity±2℃±2℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃±0.5℃
Humidity fluctuation±3%RH±3%RH
Temperature and humidity resolution0.1℃,0.1%RH0.1℃,0.1%RH
Temperature and humidity control precision±0.1℃,±0.1%RH±0.1℃,±0.1%RH
Humidification modeBuilt-in electric heating humidification water tank
IlluminanceSingle-sided illumination 6000LXSingle-sided illumination 4500LX
Illuminance adjustmen5 levels adjustable4 levels adjustable
In-box circulation methodBreeze stirring method
Alarm typeOver-temperature, under-temperature alarm; Temperature probe damage alarm; Humidity probe damage alarm
Temperature and humidity controllerLCD screen, P.I.D controllerTouch screen display, P.I.D controller
Internal size W×D×H (cm)47×44.9×117.849×46.4×127.856×60×119.866×65×119.870×84.2×158.580×99.2×168.5100×107.2×179.5
Internal volume(L)248290402514173288516
External size WxDxH (cm)67.2×89.2×182.569.1×90.7×192.576.4×103.2×18686.4×108.2×18670×84.2×158.580×99.2×168.5100×107.2×179.5
Power (W)2400290034003900210026003500
Power source1Ø 220V 50Hz
RemarksIMS type external width (W) includes 4cm accessories, depth (D) includes 13cm accessories, height (H) includes 6.5/8cm accessories


•Independent external temperature protection device

•Independent external temperature and humidity SMS alarm module (without data flow card), with mobile phone APP query function

•IMS optional:USB data storage;Miniature needle printer

•IMS-A optional:Miniature thermal printer or miniature needle printer


Medicine Stability Test Chamber

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