Efficient Medicine Stability Test Chamber


Efficient Medicine Stability Test Chamber

Provide a long-term stable temperature, humidity and light environment required for medical failure evaluation, and is suitable for pharmaceutical companies to conduct accelerated tests, long-term tests and high-humidity tests on medicines.

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★P.I.D. temperature controller, precise temperature control; parameter memory function, automatic recovery after power-on.

★SECOP refrigeration compressor, high efficiency, low consumption; fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigerant.

★The inner box is equipped with a fan to form micro-air circulation, and the temperature inside the box is highly uniform.

★Built-in water tank and automatic water replenishment interface.

★Automatically turn off the power supply of the humidifier when there is no humidifying water.

★Outer box material: cold-rolled steel plate with plastic spray on the surface; inner material: SUS304 stainless steel plate.

★The inner box adopts arc structure design for easy cleaning.

★Pull-out movable shelves with adjustable spacing.

★Equipped with casters for easy movement.

★Standard ø35mm inspection hole.


Temperature rangeWith light: 10°C~65°C, without light: 0°C~65°C
Humidity range40%RH~95%RH
Temperature uniformity±1℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
Humidity fluctuation±3%RH
Temperature and humidity resolution0.1℃,1%RH
Temperature and humidity control precision±0.1° C,±1%RH
Humidification modeBuilt-in electric heating humidification water tank
IlluminanceSingle side lighting 6000LX, LED light source
Illuminance adjustmen5 levels adjustable
In-box circulation methodBreeze stirring method
Alarm typeOver-temperature, under-temperature alarm; Temperature probe damage alarm; Humidity probe damage alarm
Temperature and humidity controllerLCD screen, P.I.D temperature controller, 24-segment program
Internal size W×D×H (cm)55×45×7060×60×8080×71×91
Internal volume(L)173288516
External size WxDxH (cm)70×84×15980×99×169100×107×180
Net/gross weight (kg)165/209203/256237/297
Power (W)200020003000
Power source1Ø 220V 50Hz


•Independent external temperature protection device. 

•Independent external temperature and humidity SMS alarm module (excluding data flow card), mobile phone APP query function. 

 •USB data storage. 

• Miniature thermal printer or stylus printer.


Medicine Stability Test Chamber

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