Life Science Microscope


Life Science Microscope

Life science microscopes include biological microscopes and fluorescence microscopes. A biological microscope is a precision optical instrument used to observe biological slices, biological cells, bacteria, living tissue culture, fluid sedimentation, etc., as well as other transparent or translucent objects, powders, and fine particles. Fluorescence microscopy is used to study the absorption and transportation of substances in cells, the distribution and localization of chemical substances, etc.


Biological microscope-INO60BI Feature: 

  1. Elevation adjustable viewing head. The INO60BI is equipped with a 20-45° adjustable binocular viewing head, which can raise the eye point by 78mm (65mm interpupillary distance) as required. It can be observed easily and quickly even in a standing state, which is effective in avoiding fatigue of eyes and limbs.

  2. Integrated button. INO60BI retains the traditional coarse and fine adjustment mode, cancels the gear mechanism, integrates electric control technology, and realizes manual and automatic integration. The brightness, objectives, attenuator turntable, and fluorescent turntable can be quickly switched or

  3. rotated through the corresponding buttons on the button panels on both sides. AF one-key autofocus can quickly adjust the Z-axis height according to the real-time image and eliminates the need for fine-adjusting steps, and improves work efficiency.

  4. Low-position platform handwheel. The low-position platform handwheel can be rotated 360°, which can effectively reduce the hand fatigue caused by long-term operation and is ergonomic and improves the convenience of operation.


Biological microscope-INO200B Feature:

  1. High eye point wide field plan eyepiece. The INO200B biological series is widely used in teaching. The regular configuration is a high-eyepoint and large-field plan eyepiece PL10X/18mm. Other magnifications and fields of view are also optional, and pointers, micrometers, and diopter adjustment functions can be added according to different needs. 

  2. Compact and novel structural design. The four-flat and stable rectangular base, the two-piece detachable mirror arm, and the mirror base ensure that the image plane does not shake during high-magnification observation, ensuring stable and high-quality microscopic images. Various lighting systems are available. 

  3. Powerful extension function. In addition to conventional biology, it can also be expanded to various types of microscopes such as fluorescence, digital, metallography, and polarization, and can realize observation methods such as bright field, dark field, fluorescence, simple polarization, and phase contrast.

Fluorescence microscope-INO3560F Feature:

  1. Different LED fluorescence modules. Except for TB test module B4, you could select B1, G 1or UV2 fluorescence module according to different usages. You can also choose several modules and replace them when you need them. 

  2. Effortless switching from bright-field to fluorescence. On the basis of practical application, rotating the FL to BF knob, you can achieve two different observations. Switch to the FL channel, you can do TB test fluorescence observation or Immunofluorescence assay. Switch to the BF channel, you can do pathology inspection or experimental observation with transmission light. 

  3. Multi-band professional fluorescent illumination system. Using the WMRFL fluorescence illuminator and different filters, you can fulfill professional fluorescence observation. Standard B、G wave bands are especially applicable to GFP、FITC、CY2、Alexa Fluor 488、Texas Red、Mito Tracker Red and other protein detection, immunofluorescence analy31s fluorescent probes. The microscope at most can be mounted on four fluorescent exciter filters. 

  4. Semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives. A new generation of professional infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence lenses with a high numerical aperture, which is 25% higher than ordinary plan objective lens, can excite the sample with brighter light and make a substantial increase in image resolution and clarity.

Fluorescence microscope-INO3680FI Feature:

  1. A new generation of infinity color-corrected optical systems and professional plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives, present you with sharp and bright fluorescence images. 

  2. The professional fluorescence filter system, imported optical material and broa- band multilayer coating, high transmissivity, mold-proof, heat insulation a- and safety protection system, OSRAM brand mercury lam digital power-supply control. 

  3. Swallowtail slide switch easy to change filter cubes, three paths for fluorescence and one for bright field, four filter cubes can be mounted. 

  4. Scientific research class cold CCD, high resolution, fast transmission. Intelligence Chinese fluorescence image processing software meets any request of the most professional picture processing. 

  5. 6V/30W transmission illuminator, various performances, bright-field, dark-fi-led, phase contrast, polarization observations.


Biological microscope-INO1033B Feature:

  1. INO1033B series biological microscope with an elaborate appearance and reliable quality, is beautiful and practical. Its easy operation and clear image inspire students' imagination and interest in the microscopy world and is helpful to explore the mystery of life science. A new generation of scientists is born from here. 

  2. Compact and solid, innovative frame High rigid but small as WMS-1033 series is, specially designed for students. The frame with a hollow design is lightweight but stable, and easy to carry. Pure white body with blue on both sides, is fresh and vivid. 

  3. Ergonomics design According to different interpupillary distances and eyesights of different people, the spacing of binocular tubes can be adjustable from 50mm to 75mm and the left tube with the focusing device, diopter is ±5 adjustable.


Biological microscope-INO3680BI Feature:

  1. Color-corrected infinity optical system.Long working distance objectives, great image Ergonomics physical design, various accessories for option ---Specially designed for observation of cell structure. 

  2. Wide-field plan eyepiece. The newly designed high eye-point wide-field plan eyepiece PL10X/22, has a full bright diagram without a chromatic circle. International popular 22mm field of view is convenient for target seeking and counting. 

  3. Attachable mechanical stage.Moving range: 120x78mm. It can clamp types of standard cell culture plates. With the help of related accessories, it could be used to move the dish, flask, slide, and so on. 

  4. Transmission system.6V30W halogen bulb, critical illumination, or Koehler illumination could be chosen. In critical illumination mode, the frame is fixed, and the filament center is scheduled. With an aperture diaphragm, the condenser could be turned away. In Koehler illumination mode, the frame is rotatable, and the filament center is adjustable. With the field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, the condenser can be removed. 

  5. Phase contrast accessories. Select a matching phase contrast slide on the basis of the chosen illuminator. With the phase contrast objectives, phase contrast observation can be realized. Thus you can acquire a better it is better image contrast than the bright field. The cell image is with a strong sense of relief. You can use it to do a more detailed observation of those component parts of colorless transparent cells.


Biological microscope-INO60BI
Optical systemInfinity color correction system
Viewing head20~45 degree tilting binocular head, inverted image, interpupillary distance: 50~76mm
EyepiecesHigh eye-point plan eyepiece PL10X/22mm, diopter adjustable, reticle attachable
ObjectivesLWD plan semi-APO objectives (2X/4X/10X/20X/40X/60X)
LWD plan semi-APO phase contrast objectives (4X/10X/20X/40X/60X)
LWD plan semi-APO relief phase contrast objectives (10X/20X/40X)
NosepieceElectric bright field sextuple nosepiece with DIC slot
FrameLow position coarse and fine coaxial electric focusing mechanism, range: 10.5mm, precision: 1μm. Built-in electric upper camera port, splitting ratio: 100:0/0:100; built in electric left camera port, splitting ratio: 0:100/50:50/100:0; dual optical path, with fluorescent light barrier. Condenser lifting adjustable, range: 65mm, is able to set 4 filters (LED/green/ground glass)
StageManual mechanical stage, size: 300mm(X) x 240mm(Y), moving range: 135mm(X) x85mm(Y), stage thickness: 30mm. Right universal handle, X/Y axis limitable and lockable,moving range 50mm x 50mm; with φ110mm replaceable disc
Prior electric stage, moving range: 114mm(X) x 75mm(Y); resolution 0.01μm;repeatability ±2μm, with control box and operating handle
Marzhauser electric stage, moving range: 120mm(X) x 80mm(Y); resolution 0.02μm;repeatability  1μm, with control box and operating handle; with slide holder
CondenserElectric septuple condenser, NA ≥ 0.55,WD ≥ 27mm; 3 holds for φ30mm(phase contrast), 4 holds for φ38mm(DIC); support for bright field/phase contrast/DIC (with polarizing kit)
Super long working distance condenser with more than 4 holds, NA ≥ 0.3,WD ≥ 73mm;support for 4X-60X phase contrast or 4X-60XRPC
Fluorescent illuminationOctuple disc fluorescent attachment, disc position is automatically identifiable; with electric shutter to block the fluorescent light; B1/G1/UV1 fluorescent filters for option
Lamp house12V100W halogen illumination, filament center preset
100W mercury lamp (OSRAM), with power box
Cool LED pE-300-LT-L-SB-ZZ fluorescent light (B/G/UV)
CamerasSOPTOP/Hamamatsu/Qimage cameras for option
Other accessories0.5X/0.65X/1X C-mount adapters, focus adjustable; Electric control box; TPC; PC and monitor; Centering eyepiece; phase contrast & DIC attachment; Professional software

Biological microscope-INO200B
Optical SystemColor Corrected Infinity Optical System; Color Corrected finity Optical Syestem
HeadBinocular Head,45°inclined,360°rotatable; Option: Gemel binocular/ trinocular Head,30° inclined
EyepieceHigh  point  eyepiece,  Wide  Filed Eyepiece,PL10x/18mm,Option:PL10x/20mm
NosepieceReversed   Quadruple/Quintuple   Nosepiece
Objective (Anti-mold)High quality Achromatic Objectives 4X,10X,40X(S),100X(SOil)
Plan  Achromatic  Objectives  4X,10X,40X(S),100X(SOi)
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives 4X,10X,20X(Option),40X(S),100X(sOil)
FocusCoaxial coarse and fine adjustment,with coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment ,Range:20mm.Precision:0.002mm
StageMechanical stage With Low Position Coaxial Controls
Size:150mmX140mm     or     140mmX132mm     Moving     Range:76mmX50mm
CondenserN.A.1.25 abbe achromatic condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder
llluminatorAdopt variable voltage(90V-240V),6V/20W halogen bulb,with adjustable brightness,
Option:Ultra-high brightness single LED cold light source, Critical illumination system; Koehler illumination system
Photo mount adapter3.2X Photo eyepiese,photo tube(PK or MD mount)
C-mount  and  adapter
TV adapter0.35X photography tube (with C-mout);0.5X photography tube (with C-mout)

Fluorescence microscope-INO3560F
Optical systemInfinity corrected Achromatic optical system
EyepiecePL10X/22T High eye-point wide-field plan eyepiece, field of view: 20mm, effective exit pupil distance: 19mm, diopter +/-5 adjustable
0bjectivenfinity plan achromatic objective 4X10X20X40X100X
Infinity phase contrast objective 10X20X40X100X
Infinity semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective 4X10X20X40X、100X
Viewing head30°gemel trinocular viewing head(dedicated for fluorescence) with 360° rotatable eyepiece tube, interpupillary adjustable distance: 50-75mm, fixed spectroscopical ratio R:T= 50%:50%
NosepieceReversed quintuple nosepiece
Stage150x140mm mechanical stage with underhand, moving range: 76x50mm, precision: 0.1mm, with damping clips
CondenserN.A.1.25 Koehler illuminator condenser(with socket for phase contrast and dark-field accessories)
Mercury reflected illuminationMercury reflected fluorescent illuminator, 100W mercury lamp house, 100W DC mercury bulb(OSRAM/domestic)
Transmitted illumination100V-240V_AC50/60Hz wide range voltage, single high brightness 3W LED(predetermine filament center), intensity continuously adjustable
100V-240V_AC50/60Hz wide range voltage, Philips 6V/30W halogen bulbs(predetermined filament center), intensity continuously adjustable
External battery supplyPower supply for at least 8 hours, rechargeable
Camera accessory1xCTV/0.5xCTV/0.35xCTV3.2x photo ocular photo tube(with PK mount or MD mount), C-mount and relay lens
Other optionalDark-field accessory, phase contrast accessory, polarizer/analyzer

Fluorescence microscope-INO3680FI
Optical systemColor corrected infinity optical system
HeadGemel trinocular head, 450 inclined, interpupillary distance adjustment range 54-75mm, one eyepiece tube with ±5 diopter adjustment light splitting ratio: binocular 100%; binocular 0%/trinocular 100%
EyepiecePL10X22mm high eye-point plan eyepiece
ObjectiveLong working distance infinity plan fluorescence objective
LWDPLF4X/0.13/WD18.52  LWDPLF10X/0.30/WD7.11  LWDPLF20X/0.45/WD5.91     LWDPLF40X/0.65/WD1.61    LWDPLF60X/0.75 /WD1.04
Long working distance infinity plan fluorescence phase contrast objective
LWDPLFPH20X/0.45WD5.91   LWDPLFPH40X/0.65WD1.61
NosepieceQuintuple nosepiece
Stage and accessories160x250mm platform; Mechanical stage, move range 120x78mm; Extension plate; Glass stage; Metal stage with slot; Terasaki holder; Holder for φ35mm Tissue culture vessel.
Microscope bodyCoaxial focus system, coarse focus distance 25mm, fine focus precision 0.002mm, with degree of tightness adjustment, built-in 90-240V wide voltage transformer.
Reflected fluorescence illumination systemWMRFA Kohler reflected illuminator, with iris field diaphragm, center adjustable
U-LH100HG mercury lamp house, center and focus adjustable. With mirror, center and focus adjustable.
U1-RFLT100 digital mercury power supply, 90-245VAC wide voltage
OSRAM 100W DC mercury lamp
Centring objective for mercury lamp
Optical bandpass filter cubesUV1/B1/G1
30ND25 attenuation pad
Transmitted illumination systemCritical illumination, 6V/30W halogen bulb, center presetting, brightness adjustable. Iris aperture diaphragm.Kohler illumination, 6V/30W halogen bulb, center and brightness adjustable. Iris aperture diaphragm and field diaphragm
Critical illumination, 6V/30W halogen bulb, center presetting, brightness adjustable. Iris aperture diaphragm.N.A.0.3 long working distance condenser, W.D.72mm, condenser stand can be shifted out from the light path
LBD color temperature change filter, IF550 contrast green filter
Phase contrast accessoriesφ30mm centring telescope
CCD adaptor0.67X C mount adaptor
Fluorescence filterFluorescence filters, standard UVVBG four cubes, can custom-made.
Camera1.4M pixels cold CCD, 2/3”,
SoftwareSmart Cool fluorescence analysis software

Biological microscope-INO1033B
Optical systemFinite color corrected optical system
Viewing head30° inclined monocular head
30° inclined binocular head, interpupillary distance: 50-75mm, ±5 diopter adjustable
30° inclined trinocular head, splitting ratio R:T=80:20, interpupillary distance: 50-75mm, ±5 diopter adjustable
30° inclined digital viewing head, built-in 3.0 mega pixels CMOS, USB output; interpupillary distance: 50-75mm, ±5 diopter adjustable
EyepieceWide field plan eyepiece PL10X/18mm with/without reticle; PL10X/18mm with/without pointer
ObjectiveAchromatic objective( 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X)
Plan achromatic objective( 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X)
NosepieceQuadruple nosepiece
FrameCoaxial coarse and fine adjustment, with coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment, range: 25mm, precision: 0.002mm.3W LED, center presetting, intensity adjustable, external wide voltage AC adapter, 100V-240V_AC50/60Hz input, DC7.5V 2A output.
Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, with coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment, range: 25mm, precision: 0.002mm.3W LED, center presetting, intensity adjustable, external wide voltage AC adapter, 100V-240V_AC50/60Hz input, DC6V 2A output.
Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, with coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment, range: 25mm, precision: 0.002mm.3W LED, center presetting, intensity adjustable, internal switch 100V-240V_AC50/60Hz
Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, with coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment, range: 25mm, precision: 0.002mm.3W LED, center presetting, intensity adjustable, internal 4 pieces rechargeable batteries, external wide voltage battery charger, 100V-240V_AC50/60Hz input, DC6V 1A output.
Stage132mmX140mm double layers mechanical stage, moving range: 50mmX76mm, precision: 0.1mm.
CondenserN.A.1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm
OthersFilters for transmitted light: blue/yellow/green
Camera accessories: 0.35X/0.5X/1X focusing C-mount

Biological microscope-INO3680BI
Optical systemColor corrected infinity optical system
HeadGemel binocular head, 450 inclined, interpupillary distance adjustment range 54-75mm, one eyepiece tube with ±5 diopter adjustment
Gemel trinocular head, 450 inclined, light splitting ratio: binocular 100%; binocular 80%/trinocular 20%
EyepiecePL10X22mm high eye-point plan eyepiece
ObjectiveInfinity long working distance plan achromatic objective:LWDPL4X/0.1/WD22     LWDPL10X/0.25WD7.94  LWDPL20X/0.40WD7.66  LWDPL40X/0.60/WD3.71      LWDPL60X/0.70/WD2.50
Infinity long working distance plan phrase contrast objective:
LWDPL10X/0.25WD7.94    LWDPL20X/0.40WD7.66   LWDPL40X/0.60/WD3.71
NosepieceReversed quintuple nosepiece
Focus systemCoaxial focus system, working distance of every circle: 38mm/coarse focus, 0.2mm/ fine focus,, minimal read 0.002mm/
Stage160x250mm platform, glass stage/ metal stage, extension plate
Attachable mechanical stageLow position coaxial mechanical stage, move range 120x78mm
Specimen holderHolder for specimen glass (also for φ54mm Tissue culture vessel).Terasaki holder(also for φ65mm Tissue culture vessel).
Holder for φ35mm Tissue culture vessel
IlluminatorCritical illumination, 90-240V wide voltage, 6V/30W halogen bulb, center presetting, brightness adjustable.  N.A.0.3 condenser, W.D.72mm, dismountable.
Kohler illumination, 90-240V wide voltage, 6V/30W halogen bulb, center and focus adjustable, brightness adjustable.   N.A.0.3 condenser, W.D.72mm, dismountable. N.A.0.5 condenser for option, dismountable
Phase contrast sliderPhase center adjustable slider for XDCD0.3 condenser, with adjusting tools
Phase center presetting slider for XDCD0.3 condenser
Phase center adjustable slider for XDACD0.3 condenser
Phase center adjustable slider for XDACD0.5 condenser
Filter45mm contrast green filter, color temperature change filter, infrared eliminate filter, rubidium glass filter
Photo attachmentPhoto tube(with PK adaptor), 3.2X lens
Video attachment0.5X/0.67X C mount adaptor
Other optional functionsProfessional fluorescence (use special fluorescence objective, illuminator and accessory)
Camera356.310MP color camera
SoftwareImage acquisition software