Stereo Microscope


Stereo Microscope

The stereo microscope is a binocular microscope that observes objects from different angles and makes the eyes feel stereoscopic. The observation body does not need to be processed, it can be observed directly under the lens with lighting, as if it is upright, easy to operate and dissect.


Stereo Microscope-INO2860S Feature:

  1. Click stop function
    The Zoom hand wheel with click stop as a key improvement ensures accurate amplification, is very useful for sample dimension confirmation. 

  2. DOF and flatness
    Greenough optical system with a convergence angle of 10 degrees, and working with wide field plan eyepieces, ensures excellent flatness and depth of field.

  3. Diverse auxiliary objectives
    Three auxiliary objectives 0.5X/0.7X/1.5X for option, to expand SZN71 magnification from 3.3X to 135X. The Max. working distance is 177mm while the Min. is 47mm, to meet all the requirements of different applications.


  4. Abundant illumination systems
    LED/halogen/fluorescence for option, either built-in illuminator or external type is available, provide the best image by choosing a suitable light.


Stereo Microscope-INO2890S Feature:

  1. Tilting viewing head for comfortable operation
    INO2890S with a tilting viewing head from 5 to 45 degrees, can be flexibly adjusted for different operators with different postures.


  2. Large zoom ratio 12.5:1
    INO2890S has a large zoom ratio from 0.63X to 8X, with a click stop for every main time, which can be manually unbound for zoom magnifying smoothly.

  3. Apochromatic objective
    The apochromatic design significantly improves the lens performance of color rendition. Correcting the axial chromatic aberration of red/green/blue/purple, and converging them on a focal plane, the objective is able to present the real color of the samples.

  4. Aperture diaphragm adjustment
    Shift the aperture diaphragm in front to adjust the depth of field for a high-quality image.

  5. Humanized light intensity
    Rotate the dimmer to adjust light intensity, the detailed percent of brightness will be displayed from the LCD on the base. It is helpful to record data of the best backlight for sample observation.

  6. Optional color temperature
    Adjust the color temperature to create a perfect imaging background for different samples in different work environments.


Stereo Microscope-INO2860S
Viewing Head45° inclined trinocular head with fixed eyepiece tube, inter-pupillary range: 52mm - 76mm, with click stop and interlock mechanism
EyepieceHigh eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/22mm, with adjustable diopter
High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL15X/16mm, with adjustable diopter
High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL20X/12.5mm, with adjustable diopte
Main ObjectiveZoom objective 0.67X - 4.5X, working distance: 110mm
Auxiliary Objective0.5X/177mm, 0.7X/120mm, 1.5X/47mm
StandArm stand with fixed focus holder
Pillar stand, can be equipped with different focus holders
BasePlan base
Base with illumination
Camera adapter0.35X/0.5X/0.65X/1X C-mount adapter
OthersPrecision measuring stage, gem clip

Stereo Microscope-INO2890S
Viewing headTilting trinocular viewing head, 5~45 degree adjustable; binocular: trinocular= 100:0 or 0:100; interpupillary distance 50-76mm; fixed eyepiece tube with lock screw
EyepieceHigh eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL10X22mm, diopter adjustable
Zoom rangeZoom range: 0.63X~8X, zoom ratio: 12.5 : 1; built-in aperture diaphragm; click stop for0.63X0.8X1X1.25X1.6X2X2.5X3.2X4X5X6.3X8X
Main objective1X main objective, working distance 80mm
2X main objective, the working distance of 20mm
BodyCoarse and fine coaxial focus system, integrated body with focus holder, coarse range: 50mm, fine precision 0.002mm
BasePlan base without illumination, with black & white plate (dia.100mm)
Plan base with transmitted illumination (work with external 5W LED fiber); built-in 360-degree rotatable mirror, location adjustable
Ultra-thin base, multi-LED (5W), with digital readout of light intensity and color temperature (3200~5600K)
Illumination5W LED light box (size: 270X100X130mm) with single fiber (500mm), color temperature 5000-5500K; operating voltage 100-240VAC/50-60Hz, output 12V
LED Ring Type Light (200 PCS)
Camera adapter0.5X/0.65X/1X C-mount
system composition1, polarized microscope 2, Adapter 0.5X 3, 6300000 HD CCD camera 4, high temperature hot platform 5, Image Analysis software 6, Computer (optional)