Two Sets of Innova Freeze Dryers are Ready to Send to South Africa


Two Sets of Innova Freeze Dryers are Ready to Send to South Africa

November 30, 2022

Two sets of Innova bench top freeze dryer has passed the quality test and are ready to send to South Africa. Innova freeze dryer is widely applied in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, biological science industry, materials science industry, chemical industry, food, and agriculture industry, etc. It is used to produce vaccines and drugs and permanently store biological tissues/organs. Innova INOFD series freeze dryer occupies a small area, and is specialized and designed for small batch tests in the laboratory. 

Features of Innova bench top freeze dryer:

  • 7" colorful touch panel, which can display the product samples temperature, cold trap temperature, vacuum, etc in digital and curve.

  • The touch panel with tilt design conforms to ergonomics and operates more comfortably.

  • A condenser temperature of -80℃ is optional (Except bentch top models);

  • Accessories for different chambers and manifolds are optional;

  • The vacuum pump is a standard accessory, which is packed in a separate package, and needs to be installed on the user's site independently.

  • The shelf heating function is optional;