Innova Newest Batch of Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Tanks are Headed to Thailand


Innova Newest Batch of Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Tanks are Headed to Thailand

January 14, 2023

We're proud to announce that our newest batch of Cryogenic liquid nitrogen tanks are headed to Thailand! These cryogenic liquid nitrogen tanks are including CryoSalvum SeriesCryoStock Series and CryoTrans series, which are all  were made specifically to meet our customer's size requirements. as always, we strives to provide the best products and service possible. Thanks for choosing us!

CryoSalvum Series liquid nitrogen containers combine with the advantages of low liquid nitrogen consumption and medium range storage capacity to meet unique requirements of professional customers all over the world. CryoSalvum Series containers provide high efficiency of large capacity sample cryopreservation with light weight and small space occupying. The racks and lockable lids are standard to assure the safety of samples. Mainly apply to medical field/bio-bank/laboratory field.

CryoStock Series liquid nitrogen containers are economical small and medium size liquid nitrogen containers for long term static state storage. CryoStock Series include two types, large capacity and long shelf life. CryoStock Series are made of high strength and light-weight aluminum alloy. There is multilayer superior performance thermal insulation inside. Various accessories are optional. Mainly apply to animal husbandry and laboratories.

CryoTrans series Liquid nitrogen storage Container is designed for storage and short-distance transportation of small amount of liquid nitrogen. It is equipped with rubber protection rings and prefixed bottom pad for safety. Stainless steel roller base is optional for convenient transportation. CryoTrans series is widely used in animal husbandry and laboratories.