CryoSalvum Series, with Racks & Boxes


CryoSalvum Series, with Racks & Boxes

CryoSalvum Series liquid nitrogen containers combine with the advantages of low liquid nitrogen consumption and medium range storage capacity to meet unique requirements of professional customers all over the world. CryoSalvum Series containers provide high efficiency of large capacity sample cryopreservation with light weight and small space occupying. The racks and lockable lids are standard to assure the safety of samples. Mainly apply to medical field/bio-bank/laboratory field.


Racks and boxes included·Dual-lock construction·Durable aluminum construction·Larger storage capacity, less liquid nitrogen consumption·Compatible with main brands standard storage boxes

·Liquid level monitoring system (optional)·Mobile roller bases (optional)·5 years vacuum warranty

Real-time Liquid Level Monitoring System
Liquid level monitoring system continuously monitors the temperature inside the container. The liquid level monitoring system matchs all CryoMaster models,optimal choice for long time monitoring of samples storage. It realizes reminding users to add liquid nitrogen timely too. There are three models, CryoMonitor 1000/2000 and Smart Cap.

Smart Cap

The Smart Cap is a liquid nitrogen level sensor with a highly integrated IoT module that monitors the liquid nitrogen tank level (0~650mm) and the tank mouth temperature (-200°C~150°C). Intelligent transmission: IoT 2.4G technology, intelligent matching data optimal transmission path.
Ultra-low power consumption: The built-in power supply works independently for more than two years.
Remote transmission: Effective transmission distance is more than 200 meters, effectively ensuring signal penetration and data stability.



Innova LN2 Tanks Catalogue

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