Ultimate-Cell Stackable Shaking Incubator

ZWYC-290A-Door Open-1
ZWYC-290A-Door Open-1

Ultimate-Cell Stackable Shaking Incubator

Thanks to the ongoing development of both technology and functionality requirements from our industry, INNOVA has been thriving to innovate and is now able to offer our latest and comprehensive solution for microbial, mammalian and plant cell incubation needs, the inspiring ZWYC-290A Ultimate-cell Stackable Shaking Incubator.


The spaces in the labs are spacious and expensive, The ZWYC-290A can be stacked up to 2-3 units high to offer multiplied incubation capacity on a single unit footprint. Stacking also can be easily managed at a later time. Each compartment unit operates independently with cooling as standard, and can be upgraded with modular controlling options of, active humidity control, CO2 concentration controls.

Intuitive Touch Screen Panel

Integrated: Comprehensive information available at fingertips.The screen panel clearly indicates all basic operational parameters, such as temperature, speed and timer;as well as the optional parameters, for example, humidity

level, and CO2 concentration just in one page.

User friendly: Graphic user interface, easy to operate with icons and prompts, which makes it easy change theoperating parameters settings, even those multi set points under programmable mode intuitively.

Intelligent: Self diagnostic alarm system monitors all functions and parametersand prompts in case of errors, which are clearly indicated in the touch screen panel.

Quin Drive Self Balance Driving System

Innovated Quin Drive system ensures smooth and reliable orbital shaking movement with a speed between 30-

300rpm, even when there is imbalanced or maximum loading on the shaking platform. To achieve the maximized flexibility for all applications requiring optimized oxygen transfer rate, the shaking diameter can be steplessly adjusted from 1-50mm. Long life brushless motor provides consistent and no vibration shaking motion, maintenance free and low heat emissions.

Excellent Temperature Controlling System

New solid polyurethane casing optimizes the insulation of the chamber, Together with the sound air circulation system and PID controller ensures evenly distributed air flow as well as accurate and uniformed temperature control across the chamber.

Sound cooling system with CFC free refrigerant and automaticndefrosting system ensures long term stable operation at as low as 4°C, or 20°C lower than ambient.

Microprocessor controller provides unmatched versatility by enabling users to create personalized program (with up to 9 segment, with cycles) to automate changes to function parameters.

Direct Injection Humidification System

Humidity is important for long term cell cultivationswith flasks as well as when micro plates are used. Active controlled humidification system can effectively reduce evaporations duringcultivation, hence, preventing the samples fromdrying out.

The humidification system of Ultimate-cellfeatures 140°C steam direct injection into the chamber and

active PID control with world class humidity sensor for utmost

accuracy of measurement.

Advanced CO2 controlling with Infrared (IR) sensor

The effective controlling of CO2 concentration is essential for cultivations of mammalian

cells and algae. The CO2 concentration is well maintained between 0-20% to keepthe pH value of the solution media at healthy level.

INNOVA incorporates a world class single beam, dual wavelength IR CO2 sensor, which guarantees superior performanceand accuracy to the situations where temperature and humidity fluctuate rapidly, such as when the door is opened frequently.

Photosynthetic LED Lightings

Ultimate-cell can be equipped with LED lighting panel for the cultivation of those phototrophic organisms, such as plant culture, algae, etc. The combinations of light spectra are optional upon request, and the light intensity is programmable to simulate day/night cycles. Single white color and dual blue & red color lighting options available.

Contamination Control

UV Sterilization

The UV sterilization system is isolated from the samples, sterilizes chamber air in the back chamber wall to maintain

contamination-free conditions

within the chamber.

Easy Cleaning Chamber

The chamber bottom is designed to catch and drain excess water

and liquid spills in case of flask breaks through an outlet on the side.

Password and Fingerprint Encryption Door System

Password screen and door locking system prevents unauthorized changes of operational parameters as well as access to the valuable samples during long terms cultivation, enhancing the safety and reliability of the applications.

Complete Protection For Cell Culture

This model has been designed to include many features for the comprehensive of the application and the sample safety, hence providing you with added peace of mind.

● Automatic stop shaking motion and heating when the door is opened.

● Sensor failure alarm.

● Over-current and leakage protection.

● Non-volatile memory guarantees data integrity in the event of power interruption.

● Audible and visual alarm when parameter deviates from the set point.

● Independent temperature limit protection against over temperature.





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