▶ Stackable up to three units for maximum space savings.

▶ 5.6" LCD 640x480 touch screen panel clearly indicates all parameters in one page display and enables all complicated program settings intuitively just with finger tips.

▶ Wide-view fold-down door with door handle, and ergonomic sliding-out shaking platform provide convenient

access to your experiment products.

▶ Direct beltless driving system is both durable and economical,maintenance free, allows extended speed ranges

from 30 to 300 RPM, ±1 RPM with minimized vibration, even when shakers are stacked of three high. The shaking diameter can be changed from 1-50mm for optimum oxygenation and nutrient mixing and agitation in from small to large flasks.

▶ The top of the casing can be further used as a work area for locating small items of lab equipment etc.

▶ The incubator casing is made of heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel; together with high graded #304 stainless steel inner chambers with coved corners make it easy to clean with mild detergent. Chamber is tall enough to hold 2L Erlenmeyer flasks.

▶ The ceiling of the unit can be upgraded and fitted with LED lighting kit for cultivation of phototrophic organisms. Mono/dual light colors are possible and the intensity of each color can be independently controlled and programmed to simulate day/night cycles, perfect for plant cell culture. 

▶ Robust brushless DC motor enables shaking motion quiet and smooth, even when unit is operating at top

speed with maximum workload.

▶ Non-volatile memory saves settings during a power outage and automatically restarts the unit after power is


▶ For data recording, the units are equipped with a built-in thermo printer as standard, so that operators could check how the performance parameters vary according to specified process without having to be on site.

▶ Predrilled platform as standard configuration, flask clamps excluded.

▶ For a comfortable working height, the base stands are available in 500mm high.

▶ UV light reduces the air burden, keeping the chamber contamination free.

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