Turnkey GMP project of vaccine pilot research,offered by INNOVA

Turnkey GMP project of vaccine pilot research,offered by INNOVA

October 21, 2022

In the general background of biotechnology, it becomes one of the most important themes, in the meanwhile, Biopharma industry as a powerful weapon for human beings to fight against diseases plays its great role in the development of society and medical science.

We Qingdao Innova Bio-Meditech Co., Ltd, as professional supplier of laboratory and Biopharma instruments honored to offer our efforts to help the innovation of BioPharma industry that provided a vaccine turnkey GMP project to South America.

We have equipped our customers with a complete set of high standard instruments for a GMP project of vaccine pilot research. Core instruments include cell Bioreactor, CIP station, SIP station, freeze dryer and filling machine.

Besides, the following instruments also play important roles in the project, which we INNOVA team also proposed and supplied to our customers:

Comprehensive service backup is our advantage, we can customize our service to respond the needs of our client, not only the instruments and documents but also training including installation and operating instructions (in paper and video or Zoom meeting) to make sure the the project goes well.

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