Situ freeze-drying technology is one of advanced international constructer design which avoid the contamination during materials transfer and realize the dry sublimation automatically. Pilot freeze dryer is with rack heating programmable function and memory freeze-drying curve which convenient users to get the freeze-drying production technology.

It is divided into standard type and gland type.

Reliable Performance

World famous compressor (SECOP) ,

high performance. lubricating oil with Sole

design ensure the compressor work

stable in high and low environment which

enhance the compressor life.

World famous dry-filter to avoid moisture

    and Impurity went into refrigerant system.

·The rack is cooled and heated through Silicone oil. The temperature accuracy is ≤1 ℃,the refrigerant and

heating are uniformity. 

·In-situ freeze-drying design, avoid the contamination during material transfer. High transparent organic glass

in Drying chamber helps users to observe materials changes.

·Cold trap and drying chamber are separately designed which is with high moisture capture and fast dry time.

·Chamber is made of stainless steel, anti-corrosion and easy cleaning. Each rack is with temperature sensor and monitor the materials temperature changes in each rack.

·Square racks easy to cleaning

·With gas valve, can inject dry inert gas.

Humanized Design

·7”colorful touch panel, can digital and curve display the real time status and historical data.

·Large FAT32 files system storage can store all data for more than 1 month.

·USB interface can download the freeze-drying data to U disk

·Rack temperature can adjustable,controllable which helps to search for freeze-drying technology. It is

two types manual and automatic type. 

·The Automatic process can setting 36 programs, each program can set 40 temperature range, it can meet different requirements on freeze-drying process.

·Automatic frost

·Optional Eutectic point test function helps users to control materials’ sublimation point

·Optional Freeze drying flask


Shelf temp(℃)-50 ~ 70-50 ~ 70-50 ~ 70-50 ~ 70-50 ~ 70-50 ~ 7050 ~ 7050 ~ 70
Final   condenser temp (℃) -80-80-80-80-80-80-80-80
Vacuum Degree   (Pa)<10<10<10<10<10<10<10<10
Freeze drying   area (m2)
Condenser   capacity (Kg/24h)6.5101530
Shelf   specification (L*W*H mm) 300*400*15295*335*15360*476*20360*480*15600*480*15500*900*15
Qty of   shelf 23446466
Distance   between shelves(mm) 8070958080100
Liquid   material loading capacity (L) 4.541081530
Temperature   uniformity (℃) ±1±1±1±1±1±1±1±1
Defrost   funINOion YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
USB   Interface YYYYYYY
Control   System Microprocessor, touch   screenMicroprocessor, touch   screenMicroprocessor, touch   screenMicroprocessor, touch   screen
Penicillin   bottle Φ22 760805140810562016201641004100
Penicillin   bottle Φ16 9401550272820463960396078007800
Penicillin   bottle Φ122120280049203690720072001440014400
Power supply   (V/Hz)220V/50Hz,60Hz220V/50Hz,60Hz   
Exterior   dimension (WxDxH mm)1200*750*12501200*750*16001200*850*15001200*850*18501500*850*16001500*850*19502100*850*18002100*850*2100


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