Tunisia Biological Laboratory Project Offered By Innova


Tunisia Biological Laboratory Project Offered By Innova

May 18, 2023

In the context of biotechnology, life science laboratories have become one of the most important shakers for human progress. At the same time, as a powerful weapon for human beings to fight diseases and explore life, they play a huge role in social development.


As a professional supplier of laboratory and biopharmaceutical instruments, Innova Bio-medical is honored to provide our support for the innovation of bioscience laboratories in Tunisia. We equip our customers with a complete set of high-standard instruments for life science research. Core instruments include stainless steel microbial fermenter, clean benches, biological safety cabinets, a vertical autoclave, and a chiller.

Comprehensive service backup is our advantage, we can customize our service to respond to the needs of our client, not only the instruments and documents but also training including installation and operating instructions (in paper and video or Zoom meeting) to make sure the project goes well.


Please feel free to consult us for your current project!