Improving Efficiency and Safety of Laboratory Instrument Cleaning in Testing Organizations with Innova Glassware Washer


Improving Efficiency and Safety of Laboratory Instrument Cleaning in Testing Organizations with Innova Glassware Washer

May 26, 2023

Innova glassware washer, a widely utilized cleaning solution, has revolutionized the process of cleaning laboratory utensils, particularly in third-party testing institutions such as WEIPU Testing Technology Co., Ltd. As a prominent research-oriented testing company in China, WEIPU offers test services in various sectors, including manufacturing, biomedicine, beauty and health, ecological protection, food, and agricultural products. Given the high volume of samples that require testing on a daily basis, efficient cleanings of laboratory glassware, such as test tubes and beakers, become imperative. Traditional manual cleaning methods not only pose risks to laboratory supplies through contamination but also prove to be less efficient.



The advantages of using an Innova glassware washer for cleaning are numerous compared to manual cleaning methods:


  1. Enhanced Safety: By utilizing a glassware washer, laboratory operators can avoid direct contact with contaminated glassware during the cleaning process. This significantly reduces the risk of exposure to harmful viruses, bacteria, and other potential threats to the health of cleaning personnel. 

  2. Time and Cost Savings: The use of a glassware washer saves valuable time for experimental operators, improving overall work efficiency. Additionally, it leads to cost savings for users by streamlining the cleaning process. 

  3. Automated Cleaning and Documentation: The glassware washer facilitates automated cleaning, resulting in well-documented cleaning procedures and excellent traceability. Furthermore, the machine enables the automatic printing of experimental data once the cleaning process is complete. 

  4. Elimination of Secondary Pollution: With automatic cleaning, rinsing, and drying capabilities, the glassware washer eliminates the risk of secondary pollution. Hand-washing can often transfer oil stains to utensils, making them harder to clean. 

  5. Consistent and High Cleanliness: Utensils cleaned by the glassware washer exhibit a higher level of uniform cleanliness compared to manual cleaning. Manual methods often leave blind spots and inconsistencies in the cleanliness of utensils cleaned by different experimenters. 

  6. Environmental and Health Considerations: Cleaning with a glassware washer mitigates the impact of organic solvents and other lotions on the health of cleaners, while also preventing pollution to the environment. 

  7. Protection against Glassware Damage: Glassware is fragile and susceptible to damage from impacts, drops, extrusion, and rapid temperature changes. The glassware washer effectively minimizes the risk of harm to experimenters and their glassware.


Innova offers a comprehensive range of glassware washing machines designed to provide unmatched flexibility, and exceptional cleaning, and drying efficiency. When combined with specially formulated chemicals and a global service offering, Innova's certified cleaning process ensures a higher level of assurance in achieving the expected cleaning results.