SUPER-E Microwave Digestion/Extraction System


SUPER-E Microwave Digestion/Extraction System

SUPER-E Microwave Digestion/Extraction System has incorporated  30 years’ of experience in microwave research and development and is built for a wide range of applications in the market. It has been widely used in heavy metal analysis, extraction of organic pollutants, synthesis of material, etc. SUPER E features safe operation, good flexibility, high durability. Its patented high-pressure digestion vessel design  has greatly improved the digestion ability of tough samples, which is also equipped with multiple safety mechanisms to ensure the safe operation.



The fully-enclosed high-pressure digestion technology effectively improves the recovery rate and ensures the accuracy of results
Its patented fully-enclosed high-pressure digestion technology , it will not leak during the entire digestion process and can improve the digestion ability; it demonstrates better digestion in the tough samples and those prone to high pressure, especially for the elements that are easily volatile, and the test results are satisfactory.


Outer vessel made of high-strength aerospace composite fiber, with both mechanical strength and anti-corrosion ability
The outer vessel of high-strength aerospace composite fiber; the overall coating of PFA completely wraps the composite fiber, which is non-bursting, non-explosive and non-tearable and whose comprehensive performance in terms of pressure resistance, anti-corrosion, etc. is better than the conventional PEEK materials (especially the protective capability at the edge of the outer vessel). The compressive strength is up to 70MPa (about 10,000psi), and the temperature resistance is as high as 600°C, ensuring the user's safe operation. 


The patented safety bolt design can provide quantitative and safe pressure relief
With nearly 30 years of experience in this industry, We employ a safety bolt structure design  to ensure that the digestion vessel is completely sealed and leak-free under the normal working conditions, and the safety bolt will be automatically raised to trigger a pressure relief once overpressure, ensuring the safe operation. Under normal operating conditions, the safety bolt will not break or need to be replaced, and therefore, no consumables are required. 

The optical fiber and IR temperature measurement system provides precise temperature control while monitoring any abnormality, thereby ensuring accurate results and safety 

SUPER-E Microwave Digestion/Extraction System is provided with a full vessel IR temperature monitoring system as standard configuration, with a multi-core integrated optical fiber temperature measurement system optional. The full vessel temperature monitoring system can effectively monitor any abnormal conditions. If a temperature abnormality occurs, the microwave transmission will be immediately stopped and a beep will alarm. The diameter of optical fiber is 2mm with Teflon protective layer; the bending radius of curvature is small, and the bending resistance and flexibility is strong; its service life is 5 times longer that of single-core optical fiber. The optical fiber temperature control system is precise, and also avoids the antenna effect of the conventional metal temperature sensors in the microwave field. 

High-precision semiconductor pressure sensor, with strong corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength
SUPER-E Microwave Digestion/Extraction System utilizes an improved semiconductor pressure sensor, whose entire pressure transmission path has undergone special anti-corrosion treatment. In addition to accurate pressure measurement, the service life of the sensor has been greatly extended with improved reliability. 


7-inch LCD touch screen clearly displays the digestion status and experiment process
The operating software can display the parameters such as temperature, pressure, time and steps in real time and switch to the coordinate curve interface at any time to check the real-time temperature and pressure changes during the experiment. It can help users understand the experiment process and improve the digestion plans. 


Powerful and convenient software with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 
The software was designed and developed based on the Android system, provided with the functions such as electronic signature, limits of authority and audit trail, and in line with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 rule. 8G storage, built-in expert method library, and a 7-inch LCD touch screen that can display the temperature-pressure curve during the operation in real time. The software can automatically count the number of vessels, making the experiment easier and simpler. 


"Cloud Service" function, the storage can be unlimitedly expanded while ensuring data security 
SUPER-E Microwave Digestion/Extraction System is equipped with the "cloud service" function so that data, methods and other information can be stored and shared in the cloud, unlimited expansion of data storage under the premise of ensuring data security can be provided, and the latest version of the software can also be downloaded from public cloud servers to provide an online update of the system, comprehensively improving the user experience. 


Multiple functions of microwave digestion, microwave extraction and microwave synthesis
SUPER-E Microwave Digestion/Extraction System can provide multiple functions, which can be equipped with an organic solvent leakage sensor, complete pre-processing before microwave digestion and extraction and can also be capable of research of microwave assisted synthesis.


SUPER-E Microwave Digestion/Extraction System

SUPER-E Microwave Digestion Workstation Parameters:
Power supply220~240VAC 50/60Hz 20A
Microwave source2450MHz, high-energy microwave field transmission
Installed power1800W
Maximum output power1000W
Microwave cavityLarge-volume 316L stainless steel cavity, internally and externally coated with multi-layer corrosion-resistant Teflon
Explosion-proof door designSelf-popping explosion-proof sliding furnace door, integrated structure design with prevention of microwave leakage
Pressure measurement systemHigh-precision semiconductor pressure sensor, with pressure control range: 0~15MPa, accuracy ±0.01MPa
Temperature measurementFull vessel IR temperature control system, with temperature control range: -40~305°C, accuracy: ±0.1°C;
Control systemOptional multi-core integrated optical fiber temperature control system, with temperature control range: -40~305°C, accuracy: ±0.1°C
Passive protection systemCOT real-time abnormality monitoring system, which can automatically beep and cut off the microwave when an abnormality occurs to any reaction vessel; Safety Bolt design, providing vertical and quantitative release of overpressure
Software systemAndroid system; Built-in method library; Cloud methods, data storage and sharing; Wi-Fi remote connection, etc.
Communication interfaceUSB interface and internet interface
Exhaust systemHigh-power corrosion-resistant turbo fan, high-efficiency turbulent air cooling, less than 15 minutes cooling down to room temperature
Working environment0~40°C / 15~80%RH
Physical size / net weight480mm×560mm×575mm (Width × depth × height) /45kg


Innova SUPER-E Microwave Digestion System Brochure

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