Stainless Steel Wiped Film Molecular Distillation System


Stainless Steel Wiped Film Molecular Distillation System

The stainless steel short-path molecular distillation system is more integrated and has better heat transfer efficiency. The high-precision automatic feeding and discharging pump can greatly increase the production capacity. It is an ideal choice for pilot and industrial production equipment.



Unique full jacket and full insulation design    

1. Jacket design of feed tank, heat-conducting oil preheating, and heat preservation function;    

2. The outlet jacket design for a light and heavy components makes the material flow smoothly;    

3. Jacket design of automatic feeding and discharging pump head to prevent material blocking from happening;    

4. The thermal insulation design of the full jacket pipe meets the use conditions of different materials and accelerates the material processing rate;    

Modular design, flexible selection    

1. High-precision automatic feeding and discharging pump, with a high degree of automation, saving labor costs and working time;    

2. The independent magnetic coupling sealing structure does not affect the vacuum system of the module, ensuring an excellent vacuum effect;    

3. Standard interface connection can be matched with different external condenser requirements according to process requirements;    

4. Standard port connection for supporting heating and refrigeration equipment, easy to match;    

5. According to the requirements of vacuum degree, it can be matched with different vacuum units to realize a two-stage or multi-stage pump connection;   


Strict processing and process design to meet the use of different fields    

1. High-precision polishing treatment of the inner wall of the barrel, smooth and clean, not easy to stick and scale;    

2. The material in contact with the material is made of stainless steel 316L+PTFE, with high heat transfer efficiency and excellent corrosion resistance;    

3. The connecting pipe is sealed with fluoro rubber or tetra fluoro rubber material to meet the use of materials of different properties;    

4. The design of sight glass such as the feeding tank and the discharging port is convenient to observe the state of the material;    

5. Brand frequency conversion gear motor, safe and reliable operation, can work continuously for a long time;    

6. The explosion-proof configuration of the whole system is optional;    


Feeding rate(L/h)1-52-102-202-3010-5020-10040-200100-500
Effective evaporation  area(m²)
Cooling area of internal condenser(m)
Feeding flask volume(L)10101520           50100         200          200
Vaccum level(mbar)≤0.001
Operation temperature(℃)≤350
Electrical requirement220V,50/60Hz;380V,50/60Hz(Other options can be provdied)
Equipment height (cm)180200235265330445500750


Innova Evaporation System Brochure

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