Portable -80degC freezer

Portable -80degC freezer (2)
Portable -80degC freezer (2)

Portable -80degC freezer

The Portable Cryogenic Freezer is equipped free piston Stirling refrigeration technology is different from the traditional compressor refrigeration. It uses a lightweight assembly to achieve deep cryogenic cooling, allowing real portable operation. INNOVA Portable Cryogenic Freezer adopts highly advanced free piston Stirling technology, wide temperature range, ±3℃ precise temperature control, light weight, easy to use, and specially designed power control system and built-in backup battery to provide stable and intelligent deep low temperature storage environment and portable transportation for different products. At the same time, the user interface of the product is easy to understand and use.


INNOVA Portable Cryogenic Freezer is a product of deep cryogenic storage and transportation. It can provide ultra-low temperature storage for special products that need deep freezing (such as expensive frozen seafood or other medical vaccine products). Its temperature range is wide. Therefore, according to the requirements of storage or transportation, it can be used for refrigeration, and also as a freezer.

  1. FPSC and Refrigeration

    INNOVA Portable Cryogenic Freezer uses Cryo S 100 Free Piston Stirling cooler as the refrigeration core. The Cryo S series Stirling engine uses approximately 3 grams of helium gas as a working fluid. Using no coolants for refrigeration purposes, the air flow technique is used for refrigeration in the freezer. Working in full temperature zone, low power consumption, low noise, complete 360-degree omnidirectional defense shake. The portable Cryogenic Freezer have built-in heating system used for keeping the hot temperature of cabinet when ever needed.

  2. Power and Temperature Control

    Portable Cryogenic Freezer is equipped with built-in battery providing the backup power to freezer for one hour to give stable temperature all the time. Gpro control board with AI algorithm programming control the FPSC power to maintain the temperature of freezer, temperature sensors (PT100) measures the internal freezer temperature and machine cold head temperature and provides input to the controller. The UI provides the display and control for setting the desired temperature for freezer.

  3. Power Adapter and Cord

    A simple line cord change can allow for multiple power and receptacle types. Make sure to use the cord and plug appropriate for your location. Power Adapter operation range is:

    Voltage input 100VAC-240VAC (Standard three-pin plug)

    Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz

    Output DC 30V / 5A (max)

  4. Thermal Insulation

       For the protection of transported and stored products from the outside temperature, freezer is designed with hard plastic with thermal insulation for the better results, INNOVA Portable Cryogenic Freezer have high performance pressurized polyurethane foam and 20mm VIP insulation.



Innova Portable -80degC Freezer

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