Stainless steel shell Ice Maker

INOF-20 (1)
INOF-20 (1)

Stainless steel shell Ice Maker

Innova stainless steel shell ice maker, the external shell is made of SUS304 stainless steel. It provides two types of ice, Bullet type & Flake ice, which is widely used in hospital, phar-macy industry,laboratory, research institute ,chemical industry etc.


Bullet Ice & Flake Ice

Reliability and Key Features:

● Microprocessor thermostat controlled.

● High-quality stainless steel shells, anti-corrosive and durable, all-in-one independent structure.

● Storage bin is rust proof with good insulation to protect ice from ambient temperature.

● System automatically stop when the bin is full and resumes when ice level reduces below certain level.


● Air cooled Refrigeration/condenser system with internal protection against over voltage and over current.

● Internal bladders are of fluorine-free bacterial inhibitory-type.

● Two types of alarms: Buzzer, flashing light.

● Multiple alarms: high/low ambient temperature, bin full, sensor error, water interruption, overcooling protection.

Ergonomic Design:

● Compact, space saving design.

● CFC/HCFC free refrigerant.

● Power switch indicator in the front board of machine.

● Inlet for water, outlet for drain.

● The remaining water after ice made each time is used in recycling.


Innova Stainless steel shell Ice Maker Brochure

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