Pilot Benchtop Freeze Dryer


Pilot Benchtop Freeze Dryer

INNOVA INOFD-TS series pilot benchtop freeze dryer is a benchtop in-situ freeze-drying equipment. It is applied not only in pharmaceutical pilot workshops and small batch production but also in food or medicinal freeze-drying process.

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  1. In-situ freeze-drying, freeze-dried materials do not need to be moved.

  2. Adopt a 7-inch LCD touch screen; display vacuum degree, sample temperature, ice condenser temperature, and other parameters in real time with numbers and curves.

  3. Real-time switch between Chinese and English interface.

  4. With the self-test function of the main functional components, it can realize the start and stop of individual components and check the working status.

  5. 40 groups of freeze-drying programs can be set, and 40 process curves can be set for each program, parameters such as shelf temperature, running time, and vacuum degree of each process curve can be set.

  6. High-performance shelf cooling and heating technology, the shelf cooling speed and shelf heating speed can reach 3.5°C/min.

  7. Pirani vacuum gauge, the vacuum display accuracy reaches 0.01Pa.

  8. Excellent performance vacuum pump, pumping from normal pressure to 10Pa ≤15min.

  9. Automatically record the running time of the vacuum pump, and independently set and modify the maintenance cycle of the vacuum pump.

  10. Equipped with a vacuum pump anti-oil return device to prevent the vacuum pump oil from entering the equipment to pollute the material when the power is off.

  11. With three-level account authority, to protect the freeze-drying process and freeze-drying data

  12. With the self-diagnosis function of refrigeration system failure, alarm function of due maintenance of vacuum pump, and alarm function of vacuum degree exceeding the limit.

  13. The alarm record is automatically stored and can be viewed in real-time, and the alarm is prompted by sound and text at the same time.

  14. Standard USB interface, can export historical freeze-dried data.

  15. With heating defrost function for ice condenser.


TypeStandard chamber4 port manifoldStoppering chamberStoppering chamber with 4 port manifold
Final condenser temp (℃)-88℃
Shelf temp (℃-60℃~+70℃
Temperature uniformity (℃)±1℃
Vacuum degree (Pa)≤0.01≤0.01≤0.01≤0.01
Condenser volume (L)11
Freeze drying area (m2)0.1
Condensing capacity (Kg/24h)3
Qty of shelf1
Drying chamber volume (L)40
Material loading capacity (L)3
Penicillin bottle φ22216
Penicillin bottle φ16400
Penicillin bottle φ12726
Manifold/4 pieces/4 pieces
USB InterfaceY
Drying Chamber(standard)Transparent acrylic
Vacuum PumpStandard model: VRD-8
Control SystemMicroprocessor, touchscreen
Electrical requirement
Electrical voltage220V
Electrical frequency50Hz,60Hz
Power (kW)2.3kW
Size information
Condenser chamber dimension
Shelf specification (W×D×Hmm)270×400×150270×400×120
Exterior dimension (WxDxHmm)820×695×600/995820×695×875/1075
Package information
Host package (WxDxHmm)940×840×990
Vacuum pump package (WxDxHmm)600×230×300
Weight (kg)157165165170


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