Metallurgical Microscope


Metallurgical Microscope

The metallographic microscope system is an organic combination of a traditional optical microscope and computer (digital camera) through photoelectric conversion. It can not only make microscopic observations on the eyepiece but also observe real-time dynamic images on the display screen of the computer (digital camera), and computer-based metallurgical microscope and can edit, save and print the required pictures.

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Metallurgical Microscope-INO40M

With the most suitable viewing degree, a 30 °inclined head holds everyone in the best working state, with less tension and fatigue. You can adjust the interpupillary distance to optimum according to the scale on the viewing head.

Reflected illuminator with field/aperture diaphragm and oblique light device, as well as slots for polarizing kit and filters, adopts Koehler illumination system.

Compared with other LEDs, a single 5W LED with warm white light (3000-3300K) reduces the fatigue on the observer's vision at the extreme.

With pull-rod devices for adjusting the centers of the field and aperture diaphragm, stray light can be eliminated by expanding or shrinking the illumination zone.

Simple polarizing observation is available with a pluggable polarizer kit. More ideal images are here with different filters.

The highest sample that can be tested is 28mm with transmitted & reflected frames while a 78mm high sample is available with the reflected frame, as the stage can be dropped 50mm by loosening the screw in the stage holder.

M4 wrench for socket head screws placed in the frame, making the best of the available space and improving your working efficiency.

The up-limit device is helpful to avoid the damage caused by the impact between a sample and the objective lens.

Using the outstanding condenser system, much more transmitted light can be through with a bigger numerical aperture and stronger intensity.

Metallurgical Microscope-INO41MI

INO41M with new designed infinity optical system, can be applied for industry research such as forging, smelting, heat treatment, and inspection of raw material.

Low position operating knobs 360-degree rotatable viewing head, according to ergonomic design, reduce the fatigue from long-time use.

With environmental and economic ECO infrared sensing systems, the microscope is preset to be shut down when there is no operator within a limited time.

With a built-in sensor in the nosepiece, the objective magnification on using is visible from the front plate.

Metallurgical Microscope-INO9370MI

Professional metallurgical objective and plan eyepiece provides a clear image, high resolution, and comfortable observation.

Superior image and reliable mechanical structure.

The corresponding photo or video accessories can collect and preserve the image, with computers and specialized metallographic analysis software can analyze the metallographic image.

Easy to operate, Have all kinds of accessories. Widely used in teaching and research metallographic analysis, semiconductor silicon wafer inspection, geology mineral analysis, precision engineering, and surveying fields.

Metallurgical Microscope-INO9590M

The flat-field anti-chromatic optical system and drop-shot Cura lighting system are adopted, and the anti-reflection structure is designed in the drop lighting system to effectively prevent reflected light interference with imaging light, thus making the imaging clearer and better field of vision lining.

Provide a stable and reliable operating mechanism for clearer imaging and easier operation.

The microscope body adopts a new ergonomic design and symmetrical structure to realize the expansion of building blocks.

The workbench, light strength, and coarse fine-tuning of the low operation improve the comfort of use.

It is widely used in various semiconductor silicon wafer detection, material science research, geological and mineral analysis, and precision engineering.


Metallurgical Microscope-INO40M
Optical systemInfinity color corrected optical system
Viewing head30°inclined gemel binocular head, interpupillary distance: 54mm~75mm, left diopter ±5 adjustable
30°inclined gemel trinocular head, interpupillary distance: 54mm~75mm, diopter ±5 adjustable, splitting ratio R:T=100:0 or 50:50
EyepieceHigh eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL10X22mm
High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL10X22mm, with reticle
High eye-point wide field plan focusing eyepiece PL10×22mm
High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL15X16mm
ObjectiveLWD plan achromatic metallurgical objective 5X / 10X / 20X / 50X / 100X
NosepieceReversed quintuple nosepiece
FocusTransmitted & Reflected frame, coaxial focus system with tension adjustment and up-limited device, coarse range: 28mm, fine precision: 0.002mm. Stage can be adjusted up and down, 28mm high sample is available.
AdjustmentReflected frame, coaxial focus system with tension adjustment and up-limited device, coarse range: 28mm, fine precision: 0.002mm. Stage can be adjusted up and down, 78mm high sample is available.
StageDouble layer mechanical stage with X/Y coaxial adjustment, size: 175mm×145mm, moving range: 76mm×42mm.
Metal plate for transmitted frame; glass plate for transmitted & reflected frame.
Reflected illuminationWide-range voltage 100V-240V_AC50/60Hz, reflected lamp-house with single 5W LED, warm color. Koehler illuminator with oblique light device, center adjustable field and aperture diaphragm
Transmitted illuminationWide-range voltage 100V-240V_AC50/60Hz, transmitted lamp-house with single 5W LED, warm color.
CondenserN.A.0.9 swing-out achromatic condenser for transmitted frame, with center adjustable aperture iris diaphragm.
Other accessoriesYellow/neutral/IF550/LBD filter for transmitted light
Digital camera adapter: 1X, 0.67X, 0.5X focusing C-mount, 3.2X photo eyepiece, photo tube with PK or MD mount, relay lens
Interference filter for reflected light: Blue filter ≤ 480nm; Green filter 520nm~570nm; Red filter 630~750nm; White balance filter
High precision micrometer, scale value 0.01mm

Metallurgical Microscope-INO41MI
Optical systemInfinity color correct optical system
Viewing head45 degree inclined trinocular viewing head, 360 degree rotatable; interpupillary distance 50-75mm, binocular:trinocular=100:0 or 0:100
EyepieceHigh eye point wide field plan eyepiece PL10X22mm, with adjustable diopter, reticle attachable
High eye point wide field plan eyepiece PL15X16mm, with adjustable diopter
ObjectiveLong working distance plan achromatic metallurgical objectives 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X
Long working distance bright & dark field plan achromatic metallurgical objectives 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X
NosepieceInward quintuple bright field nosepiece (DIC slot), with built-in magnification sensor
Inward quintuple bright & dark field nosepiece (DIC slot), with built-in magnification sensor
FrameReflected frame low-position coaxial focusing system, coarse range 9mm (up 6.5mm, down 2.5mm), fine precision 0.002mm;with upper limit and tension adjustment; with switch for bright and dark field; with variable field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, both center adjustable; with slots for filters and polarizing kit; with light intensity indicator; with infrared induction;with magnification display
IlluminationExternal power adapter, input 100V-240V, output 15V13.4A, light intensity adjustable
StageThree layers rackless stage, size: 240mm (W) X 250mm (L), moving range: 50X 50mm; low-position handle knob
Camera adapter0.35X, 0.5X, 0.65X, 1X focusing C-mount
OthersPolarizer, fixed analyzer, 360 degree rotatable analyzer, DIC attachment, filters, high precision micrometer

Metallurgical Microscope-INO9370MI
Optical systemFinity color corrected optical system
Viewing headGemel trinocular45°inclinedDiopter adjustment ±5 for each sideInterpupillary distance adjustable between54-75mmrefract ratebinocular:trinocular =80%:20%
EyepieceHigh eyepoint wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/18mm
High eyepoint wide field eyepiece WF15X/13
High eyepoint wide field eyepiece WF20X/10mm
Metallurgical objcetiveLWD plan achromatic metallurgical objective 5X10X20X50X100X
NosepieceReversed quadruple nosepiece
Reversed quintuple nosepiece
Focusing adjustmentLow position coaxial coarse and fine adjustment. with tightness adjustment.Coarse adjustment range 38 mmprecision of fine adjustment:2um
StageThree-ply mechanical stagearea 180mmX155mmright hand low position controlMoving range:75mm×40mm; Metal stage platecenter hole dia.φ12mm
Illumination systemReflection Koehler illumination with iris diaphragm and centerable field diaphragm , wide-range voltage 90-240V 6V/30W halogen bulb(single 3W LED option), with continuous intensity
Polarizing kitPolarizer and the analyzer can be removed from the optical path, the analyzer can be rotated 360 °.
Photo accessoriesPhoto tubewith PK mount),photo eyepiece 3.2X
Video accessoriesCTV0.5X/1.0X
Camera356.310MP color camera
SoftwareImage acquisition software ; specialized metallographic analysis software

Metallurgical Microscope-INO9590M
Optical systemFinite distal dichrommatic correction optical system
Observing tubeHinged binocular, 30 tilt, 360 rotation, pupil distance adjustment range: 54-75mm, two-sided ± 5 diphosity adjustable;
Hinged triocular, fixed light separation ratio, binocular: triocular =80%: 20%
MicrometerPL10X High eye dot flat field visual lens, line V 18mm
ObjectiveLong working distance from the flat field panchromatic gold phase objective 10X20X50X100X
ChangerInternal positioning of the four-hole converter
Internal positioning of the five-hole converter
Targeting mechanismCoarse fine-tuning coaxial, with mechanical upper limit and elastic adjustment device, coarse tuning stroke 28mm, fine tuning accuracy of 0.002mm
Objective tableDual-layer mechanical mobile platform, equipped with 180X145mm flat platform, mobile range: 76mmX50mm
Lighting systemReflective Cura lighting, adaptive wide voltage 90V-24V,6V/30W halogen lamp, continuous adjustable intensity with variable aperture appendix with field of view appendix, field of view appendix center adjustable
Photography devicePhoto receiver (with PK bayonet), 3.2X photographic eyepiece
Pick-up deviceThe 0.35X/0.5X/1.0X C-type camera receiver
Other optional featuresSimple partial light
6V 30W transmission lighting system