Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer


Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

The Kjeldahl method converts nitrogen-containing organic matter into inorganic nitrogen ammonium sulfate for detection, and the measured value of the nitrogen content is multiplied by a certain coefficient to obtain the protein content. This method is determined as the current national standard and internationally accepted method for the determination of protein content in food, and the INNOVA Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is a fully automatic nitrogen measurement distillation system designed according to the principle of Kjeldahl nitrogen determination, which can be used for nitrogen or Determination of protein content. Equipped with distillate temperature detection function to avoid ammonia volatilization caused by high distillate temperature.


Detection automation    

Acid addition, alkali addition, distillation, titration, result calculation and printout are fully automatic, and automatic sample testing.    

Anti-knock boiling of samples    

The unique method of sample dilution and alkali addition can be set arbitrarily according to the different samples of users, so as to prevent the occurrence of sample bumping and improve the measurement accuracy.    

Dual Mode Titration    

Using dual-mode titration, the combination of coarse and fine titration will ensure the high accuracy of the results; the titration method conforms to AOAC, EPA, Din, ISO and other certification methods, and the titration adopts the officially recognized color titration method.    

Security Protection    

Multiple intelligent protections such as digestion tube presence detection, safety door, condensate water detection, steam generator overheating, overpressure protection, and liquid level detection ensure the safety of the instrument and operators.    


Instrument ModelMeasuring RangeMeasuring SpeedTitration AccuracySample WeightReproducibilityRecoveryPower VoltageVolume Weight
INOK7800.1-250mgN3-6 minutes/sampleCoarse titration 1μl/step fine titration 0.016μl/stepSolid≤5g
0.5% relative error99.5% or more1400W AC220V 50Hz40KG
INOK680Coarse titration 1μl/step fine titration 0.016μl/step40KG
INOK580Coarse titration 1μl/step fine titration 0.016μl/step40KG
INOK620<5 minutes/sample***1300W AC220V 50Hz35KG