INR-1101 Automatic colony counter


INR-1101 Automatic colony counter

INR-1101 Automatic colony counter is a high-tech product developed for microbial colony analysis and micro-particle size detection, which uses its powerful software image processing function and scientific mathematical analysis methods for microbial colony analysis and micro-particle size detection. Accurate counting and fast statistics. The colony counter is suitable for microbial detection in hospitals, scientific research institutes, health and epidemic prevention stations, disease control centers, inspection and quarantine, quality and technical supervision, environmental testing institutions, as well as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, medical and health products industries.

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Excellent human-computer interaction experience

Scan code function to quickly enter petri dish information to facilitate data tracing, and supports barcode entry. (optional)

Datalogging: Save the query and print it or export it in EXCEL, PDF and other formats.

Standard high-performance image processing computer.

Diversified standards and measurements, fast and accurate counting

Automatic adhesion segmentation, manual segmentation, automatic processing and statistics of spreading colonies, counting rollback function, accurate and fast counting;

Powerful image processing software includes a variety of graphic annotation and measurement functions;

Selected area statistics are efficient and fast, and data such as colony diameter, roundness, circumference, area, and number are instantly output.

Multifunctional module

Built-in 254nm (used for disinfection and sterilization) and 365nm UV lamps (used for colony fluorescence excitation and statistical experiments), which can be used for cavity sterilization, UV mutagenesis, and excitation of Escherichia coli, coliform fluorescent green fluorescent protein, etc. experiment.

With audit trail function, digital and security management complies with the relevant requirements in FDA21CFRPart11. The operator's operations on the software are automatically recorded for subsequent traceability of result data.

Fast capture of high-definition colony image

High-resolution color industrial camera, calibration function, calibrate the colony diameter size, eliminate the size error between shooting and real objects.

Monochromatic and polychromatic colonies are automatically identified and detected at the same time.

Upper light source has a 360-degree shadowless illumination function, providing all-round, three-dimensional and clear imaging effects for colony imaging.

Lower light source adopts the transmission dark room shooting system, and the side light source adopts the circular matrix system.


CMOS12 million pixel,true color, resolution ratio: 4024*3036
Counting speed1000 colonies <1s
Colour temperature2880K-4170K
Upper light sourceIllumination:51.7-985.1 Lux
Lower light source360°shadowless illumination, Multi-directional transmitted light, adjustablelight source brightness.
SideviewIllumination:1-4497 LuxBottom transmitted light darkroom shooting systemCircular matrix
lmage captureAuto focus, auto white balance, auto color temperature control.Front open, automatic elimination of external interference, automaticcentering, black box shooting.
Petri dish typevarious 90mm,100mm petri dishes (Pour, spreading, membrane filtration)
Automatic impurity removalAutomatically remove impurity according to the difference of shape, size,color, etc.
Colony Morphology AnalysisAutomatic analysis the area, girth, roundness, maximum diameter,minimum diameter.
Select counting areaBasic circle, semicircle, circle, rectangle, sector, and random area.
lmage processinglmage enhancementlmage ada ptive enhancement, color componentenhancement, colony edge sharpening, image flattening. operation.RGB segmentation、Gray scale segmentation.
lmage filteringLow filter, high filter, Gaussian filter, Gaussian highthrough-put, mean filter, Gaussian filter, Order filter.
Edge detectionSobel detection、Roberts detection、Laplacedetectionvertical detection、horizontal detection.
mage adjustmentGray scale conversion、negative phase conversionRGB threechannel brightness、Contrast、Gama adjustment
Morphological operationmageErosion, dilation, opening operation, close operation.
Image segmentationRGB segmentation、Gray scale segmentation.
Note measurementInstrument calibrationThe system has its own calibration function
Colony labelingLabel with Line, angle, rectangle, broken line,circle, character, curve and so on.
Colony measurementMeasure line, angle, rectangle, circular arc,circle, section, curve and so on.
Work temperature(0~50)℃        
Host size(L390×W390×H535)mm
Host weight about 13.4kg
Power consumption≤72W  
Power adaptorInput AC100~240V 50/60Hz  
OutputDC24V 1A



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