INOK1160 Automatic Kjeldahl Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer


INOK1160 Automatic Kjeldahl Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer

INOK1160 Automatic Kjeldahl Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer is unique in itsintelligence, efficiency, energy saving and data sharing, bringing more new experiences to users. The product can be widely used in the fields of food processing, feed production, tobacco, animal husbandry, soil fertility, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, scientific research, teaching, quality supervision and other fields of nitrogen or protein determination.


Main Features:

1. Automation, fully automatic distillation, titration, fault self-test, calculation, printing, waste disposal and can be paired with 24-position autosampler for true unattended operation, making the whole experiment process simple and efficient.

2. Compliance with FDA 21CFR Part 11 and GMP. It has functions of authorization management, account management, audit trial, password-aging, and editing protection, etc.

3. High accuracy, burette accuracy can be adjust from 0.2 to 1μL/Step.

4. K1160 adopts new metal condensing unit, ultra high efficiency for condensing, saving up to 50% water.

5. 24 position auto sampler with fully program processing, no manual guard, saving human resource cost.

6. Distillation and titration in real time, variable speed titration technology, reducing experiment time up to 30%.


Technical Datas:

Measuring range0.1mg ~240mg N
Analysis time3~8min/sample
ReproducibilityAverage value relative error ±0.5%
Burette volume1.0μL/step optional: 0.2μL/step and 0.4μL/step
Sample capacitysolid≦5g/sample, liquid≦20mL/sample
Water consumption
in the distillation process
Data storage capacity1 million groups
Power supply220VAC±10%, 50Hz
Net weight38Kg
INOK1124 Auto Sampler
Capacity24 samples per batch
Rotor speed≥0.04r/s
Sampling speed≥40mm/s
Tank capacity4×15L
Voltage24V DC
Rated Power40W


1.Digestion Tube

Suitable for INO9860, INO9840, INO1100F Kjeldahl and supporting digestion tube; used for digestion and distillation of samples.

2.Solution Tank

Suitable for INO9840; used for boric acid, alkaline solution and distilled water storage. (Including lid, connecting tube, pail pad, 3L tank and label)

3.Solution Tank Anti-Corrosion Sealing

Suitable for INO9840; used for solution tank sealing.

4. 3L Tank

Suitable for INO9840; corrosion and pressure resistant, universal use for water, boric acid and alkaline solution.

4.Distillation Head

Suitable for INO1100F/INO9860/INO9840; resistant to strong acid and alkali, high temperature, used to connect and seal between distillation system and digestion tube.


INNOVA Microwave Digestion Workstation INOK1160

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