General bottle cap,accessory

General bottle cap,accessory
General bottle cap,accessory

General bottle cap,accessory

The caps are suitable for use as dust covers to prevent spills or contamination when moving the plates around the lab. We offer many types of caps and accessories to meet your lab needs.

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Double-layer cap1 is made of double PP material with high quality double-sided PTFE butyl gaskets inside the cap which can be used for needle sampling and ensure air isolation, after sampling, the red cap on top is screwed tightly and sealed to avoid leakage. Improved 6-hole design allows multiple needle sampling.

Double-layer cover 2 choose double nylon material cover, higher strength, internal with high-quality double-sided PTFE butyl gasket can tie the needle sampling, and to ensure that the isolation of air, after sampling the upper red cap screwed to seal to avoid leakage improvement of the design of 4 holes, can be many times to tie the needle sampling.

The new double sealing cap will be multi-layer cap and multi-layer sealing technology organic combination, to solve the existing reagent packaging bottles with caps, there is a single puncture sampling sealing failure is prone to leakage or volatilisation of the problem of accidents. Compared with the existing technology, the new double-layer cap has the characteristics of good sealing and high reliability, especially suitable for reagent, hazardous chemicals, biological products, pharmaceuticals and other packaging bottles, and can meet the sealing requirements in the process of puncture sampling, as well as after multiple puncture sampling.


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2.10.1Double-layer cap 1
2.10.2Double-layer cap 2
2.10.3Double seal cap


Innova General bottle cap,accessory

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