Drug Melting Point Apparatus

Drug Melting Point Apparatus

It is used in the production and scientific research of medicine, chemical reagents, spices, dyes and other industries to measure organic crystalline substances.



It has a real-time temperature display function, and the initial melting point and final melting point record key, which can record the melting point value in the initial melting and final melting state.

There are three working states: reset state, temperature control state, and start test state The initial melting point key and the final melting point key can also be used to measure the melting point of two samples, the initial melting point records the melting point value of one sample, and the final melting point records the melting point value of another sample.


Technical parameter:

  1. Melting point measurement range: room temperature to 270°C

  2. Heating rate: 0.5°C/min, 1.0°C/min, 1.5°C/min, 2.0°C/min, 3.0°C/min, five levels

  3. Linear heating rate deviation: <5%

  4. Melting point measurement accuracy: less than ±0.5°C when <200°C, less than ±1.0°C when >200°C

  5. Temperature preset: any preset within the range of room temperature to 270°C

  6. Temperature transfer medium: methyl silicone oil

  7. Chuanwen liquid cup: 250ml tall beaker

  8. Operating environment temperature: 20℃±10℃

  9. Power supply: 220V±10%, power<200W, frequency 50Hz

  10. Continuous working time: more than 24 hours

  11. Dimensions: 320×180×300mm

  12. Weight: 8kg