Disintegration time tester

Disintegration Time Tester
Disintegration Time Tester

Disintegration time tester

It is an instrument for disintegration time limit test of solid preparation tablets, sugar-coated tablets, film-coated tablets, enteric-coated tablets, extract tablets and capsules. Used to check the disintegration of solid dosage forms under specified conditions.



  • Double-basket working position system to determine the disintegration time limit.

  • 2 sets of hanging baskets, which can conduct disintegration experiments independently.

  •  The electronic temperature sensor can display and monitor the temperature of each point in the water bath and the beaker. High-precision digital electronic sensor is adopted to ensure high precision and high accuracy of water bath temperature without calibration.

  •  The instrument automatically controls the temperature of the water bath to 37.0°C (specified in Pharmacopoeia). And the preset temperature can be reset at any time.

  • The instrument automatically sets the lifting time of the hanging basket to 15 minutes, and it can also be reset arbitrarily.

  • Adopt the computer control technology with single-chip microcomputer as the core, and intelligently control the two performance parameters of water bath temperature and working time.

  • The instrument has monitoring water bath temperature overheating alarm and automatic protection.


Technical parameter

  1. Temperature preset range: room temperature to 50°C, display resolution is 0.1°C.

  2. Temperature control accuracy: ±0.3℃

  3. Timing prefabrication range: 1min~900min

  4. Time control accuracy: ±0.5min

  5. Working noise: <60db

  6. Number of lifting baskets: 2 sets

  7. Basket lifting frequency: (30~31) times/min

  8. Lifting distance of hanging basket: (55±1) mm

  9. Minimum distance from screen to cup bottom: 25mm±2mm

  10. Screen aperture: standard 2mm, (0.425mm, 1mm aperture can be selected)

  11. Power supply: 220V50Hz

  12. Machine power: 600W

  13. Dimensions: length*width*height 400mm*320mm*440mm