Cylinder Tank


Cylinder Tank

Hazardous chemicals refer to highly toxic chemicals and other chemicals that are poisonous, corrosive, explosive, flammable, and combustion-supporting and are harmful to the human body, facilities, and the environment. In order to protect our safety and health, hazardous chemicals should be placed in special cabinets.



1. Alarm: conventional combustible gas alarm device; optional special alarm device.

2. Sound and light alarm system: When the sensor in the cabinet detects gas leakage, it will automatically trigger the alarm buzzing sound, and at the same time, the air will be exhausted automatically.

3. Automatic exhaust system: When the sensor in the cabinet detects gas leakage and gives an alarm, the top fan will automatically work to discharge the gas outside through the exhaust pipe to ensure personal safety in the working area.


ModelAlarm systemCapacitySpecificationDimensions (H*W*D)
SCG100without alarmsingle cylindersingle door1800*600*450
SCG200without alarmdouble cylinderdouble door1800*900*450
SCG300without alarmthree cylindedouble door1800*1200*450
SCG400with alarmsingle cylindersingle door1800*600*450
SCG500with alarmdouble cylinderdouble door1800*900*450
SCG600with alarmthree cylindedouble door1800*1200*450
SCG100Awithout alarmsingle cylindersingle door1800*600*450
SCG200Awithout alarmdouble cylinderdouble door1800*900*450
SCG300Awithout alarmthree cylindedouble door1800*1200*450
SCG400Awith alarmsingle cylindersingle door1800*600*450
SCG500Awith alarmdouble cylinderdouble door1800*900*450
SCG600Awith alarmthree cylindedouble door1800*1200*450


INNOVA Safety Containment Systems Brochure

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