Corrosive Cabinet


Corrosive Cabinet

Hazardous chemicals refer to highly toxic chemicals and other chemicals that are poisonous, corrosive, explosive, flammable, and combustion-supporting and are harmful to the human body, facilities, and the environment. In order to protect our safety and health, hazardous chemicals should be placed in special cabinets.



1. Double-layer fireproof steel plate structure, there is an insulating layer of 38mm between the two layers of steel plates.

2. This product has a fire-resistant and explosion-proof function.

3. Double-layer high-quality steel plates with a thickness greater than 1.0mm are spot welded.

4. The 5 cm high leak-proof liquid tank prevents accidental liquid from overflowing.

5. The side walls and top of the cabinet are designed with a 2-inch diameter anti-shutdown device.

6.  Freely adjust between upper and lower layers every 6 cm.

7. The cabinet body is equipped with an electrostatic grounding conduction port.

8. Special-size cabinets can be customized according to customer requirements to meet site requirements.


ModelVolume (Gal/L)ShelfLaminateSpecificationDimensions (H*W*D)
SCB0404/1512Single door; safety lock + padlock560*430*430
SCB12012/4512Single door; safety lock + padlock890*590*460
SCB22022/8323Single door; safety lock + padlock1650*600*460
SCB30030/11312Double doors; safety lock + padlock1120*1090*460
SCB45045/17023Double doors; safety lock + padlock1650*1090*460
SCB54054/20423Single door; safety lock + padlock1650*600*870
SCB60060/22723Double doors; safety lock + padlock1650*860*860
SCB90090/34023Double doors; safety lock + padlock1650*1090*860


INNOVA Safety Containment Systems Brochure

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