1700 ℃ Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnace


1700 ℃ Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace is used for sintering, melting and analyzing metal, nonmetal and other compound materials in laboratories of universities, research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises.

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1. Mirror stainless steel furnace mouth, long-term use will not change color.

2. Vacuum-forming polycrystalline mullite fiber furnace, high efficiency insulation.

3. Double shell, the air sleeve heat insulation, and double air guiding passage .

4. High-purity silicon-molybdenum rod heating, and with standard exhaust chimney.

5. High precision program controller, with imported sensor and imported voltage regulating module.

6. With leakage protection, thermocouple failure, door opening electrical outage, over-temperature protection and sound-light alarm safety device.

7. Lockable handle, quick detachable structure,easy to maintenance and repair.

8.Insulated gloves and crucible tongs are standard.


Model30 segmentMF4-2-17MF4-4-17MF4-8-17MF4-12-17MF4-20-17MF4-36-17
Domestic controller
64 Segment Import ControllerMF4-2-17PMF4-4-17PMF4-8-17PMF4-12-17PMF4-20-17PMF4-36-17P
(Model With P)
30 SegmentMF4-2-17PLMF4-4-17PLMF4-8-17PLMF4-12-17PLMF4-20-17PLMF4-36-17PL
7.0 Inch Touch Screen controller
(Model With PL)
FunctionTemp. RangeMax. 1700℃ (Long time Continuous working Temperature )
Temp. Accuracy±1℃
Temp. Resolution Ratio1℃
Temp.RISING Time To Max Temp<40min
StructureFurnace BodyHHR Polycrystalline Mullite Fiber
Outer ShellCold rolling steel with electrostatic Spraying exterior
Chamber Size150*90*150150*150*150300*150*150300*200*200300*260*260300*400*300
Exhaust HoleDiφ22,Deφ18
HeaterHHR Sillcon Molybdenum Rod
Heating Power3KW5.5KW9KW10KW12KW15KW
ControllerTemp.ControlNo Letter Model : LED Programmed Controller;
P Type: LCD Imported Programmed  Controller ;
PL Type: 7.0-inch touch screen program controller, with curve viewing and USB data storage functions.
Termp. Control ModeIntelligent Microcomputer PID Control
Display ModeNo Letter Model:4 keys Settings      P Type:5 keys Settings   PL Type:Touch Type Operation
TimerNo Letter Model:0-9999min     P Type:0-99hour59min    PL Type:0-9999min
Operation FunctionConstant Value Operation Or Program Operation
SensorB-type Thermocouple
Additional FunctionHeating Start Stop Button, Sensor Fault Alarm,Temperature Overshoot Self Setting,Temperature Correction
Safety DeviceOvertemperature Alarm,Leakage Protection,Door Opening Heating
SpecificationExterior Size (W*L*H)(mm)600*755*1100600*815*1100750*815*1100750*865*1150750*925*1210750*1065*1250
Packing Size (W*L*H)(mm)760*925*1310760*985*1310910*985*1310910*1045*1360910*1105*1420910*1265*1460
Curent Rating (50/60HZ)AC220V    50HzAC380V   50Hz
NW/GW (kg )70/9080/100110/130150/170175/195270/320
Optional Type485 Communication ,U Disk Data Storage