Analy C1500 TOC Analyzer

Analy C1500(1)
Analy C1500(1)

Analy C1500 TOC Analyzer

Analy C1500, total organic carbon analyzer with on-line and off-line  analysis modes.


Analysis Principle

Total organic carbon (TOC) is the total carbon content of organic matter in water. Under the irradiation of 185nm UV light, the organic matter will be oxidized to CO2 and H2O. Then CO2 is dissolved in water and converted into HCO3 - and CO3 2-, resulting in a change of conductivity. The total organic carbon content is calculated by detecting the trend of conductivity change.

Oxidation Cell Features

UV oxidation direct conductivity detection without chemical reagent

Safe and pollution-free, no routine maintenance required

High-power 185nm UV lamp with sufficient irradiation to improve the oxidation efficiency

Quartz glass material with the best UV transmission

A small amount of sample can be fully oxidized in a short time to ensure analysis accuracy

Reliable high precision conductance electrode, ensure stable and accurate data analysis

Immersion temperature sensor provides rapid reaction

Real-time monitor of UV lamp with fault alarm

Innovative Algorithm Design

Ultra-high precision signal acquisition circuit, 24-bit ADC processor

Wide range conductivity collection, suitable for a variety of water quality

Built-in temperature compensation algorithm, no conductivity data calibration required

Water quality data collection, analysis and calibration to ensure the accuracy of data

Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction

5" high-definition LCD touch screen

Two working modes: On-line or Off-line analysis mode

Auto start control of internal pipeline draining or cleaning

Various numbers of analysis can be set according to different purposes

Display operating status and alarm pop-ups

Real time on-line viewing of data, USB port for data logging

Equipped with printer to print data

Operation record tracking function

U-cloud Remote Monitoring

Internet of things function, real-time online data viewing

One account can monitor multiple devices and set access permissions

MODBUS advanced communication protocol, external devices can read data directly through the serial port


Innova TOC Analyser Brochure

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