Lab Closed Circulation Spray Dryer(Organic solvent)


Lab Closed Circulation Spray Dryer(Organic solvent)

Lab closed circulation spray dryer, also known as organic solvent spray dryer, is specially used for suspension made of organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol, acetone, hexane, gas oil, etc. In order to enhance the explosion-proof performance, the closed circulation spray drying process uses inert gas (such as nitrogen) as the drying medium. The whole process is free of oxidation, and the inert gas (such as nitrogen) can be recycled.


● Double-layer explosion-proof system: the whole system is equipped with basic explosion-proof and mechanical explosion-proof double-layer explosion-proof system, and the oxygen content meter can detect and display the oxygen content in the system in real time to meet the needs of customers for equipment safety.

● PLC control system: Siemens PLC controller to build an intelligent electric control system

● Color LCD touch screen parameters show: Air inlet temperature / outlet temperature / peristaltic pump speed / air volume / needle frequency.

● Fully automatic control: One-click start-up, after setting the spray process parameters, when the temperature reaches the predetermined temperature, the peristaltic pump starts automatically, and the operation process is displayed on the touch screen.

● Shutdown protection function: Just press the stop button when shutting down, and the machine will stop running immediately except for the fan, so as to ensure that the machine will not burn out the heating part due to misoperation (forcibly turning off the fan).

● Nozzle: concentric and coaxial, uniform atomization

● Grading collection: chamber bottom collection + cyclone collection + bag collection graded collection, the recovery rate is higher.

● Closed cycle: use cyclone separator to separate gas and solid, condensing system to separate gas and liquid to realize recycling of organic solvent, and then reuse inert gas through circulation fan.


Processing capacity1000ml/h
Minimum feed quantity50ml
Inlet air temperature~250℃
Drying chamber diameterΦ220mm
AtomizerDouble fluid
Wind directionCirculating wind
Drying chamber material304- stainless steel
Oxygen meter range0~25%
Pipeline pressure3000 pa~5000 pa
Heater power3.5kW
Total power8kW