Lab Spray Dryer ISD-Mini

Lab Spray Dryer ISD-Mini

INNOVA Lab Spray Dryer is mainly used in universities, research institutes and laboratories of food, medicine and chemical enterprises to produce micro-particle powders, and has broad-spectrum applicability to all solutions such as emulsions and suspensions, and is suitable for drying of heat-sensitive substances such as biological products, biological products, etc. Pesticides, enzyme preparations, etc., because the sprayed materials are only exposed to high temperature when they are sprayed into mist-shaped particles, so they are only heated instantly, which can keep these active materials from being damaged after drying.

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● Desktop Mini Spray Dryer, easy to complete your operation on the laboratory bench.

● Machine buttons, thermometers, air pipes, and touch screens are all ergonomically designed, fast plugging and unplugging, and user-friendly operation.


Optional Filter

● High exhaust filtration efficiency, can capture fine dust with particle size larger than 1 micron, and the air purification efficiency can reach more than 99%.

● Stable operation, convenient maintenance, improved environment, recycled materials, green environmental protection.



● The top manufacturer in the nozzle industry - American Spray Company.

● High-quality nozzles guarantee high precision and maximum service life of the equipment.



● The equipment adopts German Siemens controller, a leading brand in the field of industrial control.

● Rich control modes allow our equipment to have the richest function settings in the industry.



● The touch screen adopts Taiwan's excellent brand Wei Lun Tong, the touch control is accurate, and the picture performance is delicate.

● The control interface is beautifully displayed, easy to operate, and fully functional.

● Added USB data export function to facilitate data storage.


● The size of the fan speed and the wind pressure will affect the material spraying effect of different products, and correspond to different product yields.

● Users can choose the best feeding method according to the material situation.


Maximum water evaporation2000mL/h
Inlet air temperature30250℃±1℃
Outlet air temperature30120℃±1℃
Fan1.5m3/min; Delta inverter, imported fan
Electric heater3.0kW/AC220V;
Material: 2520 special stainless steel
Inlet and outlet air temperature monitoringTaiwan PT-100 platinum resistance, intelligent PID control
Spray systemDual-fluid nozzle
Average drying time1.01.5 seconds
Automatic blocking deviceThe frequency of automatic needle penetration is adjustable, 0~60 seconds/time
Control SystemGerman Siemens PLC automatic control system; 7-inch color touch screen
SoftwareDisplay and control of inlet air temperature, outlet air temperature, variable frequency, needle frequency, etc.
Data logging and export, curve analysis functions, alarms and overload protection
Electrical StandardMade by Schneider Electric
Quick release designThermometer, air pipeline, power supply, all use quick plug and unplug design
OptionalMagnetic agitator, weighing system, filter bag, etc.
VoltageAC220V, 50Hz
Dimensions (W×D×H)570×620×900mm
Total Weight60kg


Spray Dryer

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