Water Bath

water bath
water bath

Water Bath

Baths are used to maintain a constant temperature for various lab procedures. Applications include solvent extractions, incubation of tissue culture reagents, incubation of paraffin samples (flotation baths), and viscosity measurements (viscosity baths).

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  • LED display, digital display of set value and actual value;

  • PID logic control, excellent temperature uniformity;

  • Electronic components are easy to separate, safe, and easy to maintain;

  • Up to 100°C, low noise, long life, strong corrosion resistance;

  • The microprocessor controls rapid heating, and maintains a constant temperature after reaching the target temperature, with an over-temperature protection function;

  • The bathtub is made of an integral stretch forming process, made of stainless steel 304, with rounded corners to reduce internal pollution. The bath cover is also made of 304 stainless steel, with a cone top design, a special treatment process, and the function of recovering water vapor.


Temperature control rangeRT +5-100°CAllowable ambient temperature10-40℃
Temperature accuracy below 37°C±0.5℃Temperature SensorPT1000
Temperature stability below 37°C±0.3℃weight16.2kg
Water bath volume20LMaterials in contact with water bath (including protective cover)Stainless steel
allowable relative humidity<80%RHDimensions [length × width × height]667x349x357mm
over temperature protectionhaveshellQ235 plastic case
Screenledpower supply220V, 50/60Hz