Vibratory Ball Mill


Vibratory Ball Mill

INNOVA Vibratory Ball Mill is developed especially for dry and wet grinding of small sample amounts. It’s laboratory “all-rounders”.

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IM100S Vibratory Ball Mill can be rapidly and efficiently ground and homogeneous in a very short time and at frequencies up to 35HZ. Under certain grinding conditions, some samples can reach sub-micron levels. It can grind for dry, wet, and freeze. Moreover, it can pulverize two samples from 0.2 to 45ml at the same time. IM100S is also perfectly suitable for the disruption of biological cells as well as for DNA/RNA recovery. Various materials grinding jars are suitable for many fields. Agate and zirconia are the best choices for heavy metal.

Technical features

  1. Compact and light, and can be brought to the scene as portable equipment.

  2. The dry, wet, and low temperatures in liquid nitrogen for grinding.

  3. A variety of materials grinding jars and multi-aperture adapters are optional.

  4. Large range of grinding jars and maximum sample quantity 2 x45ml, multi-aperture adapter sample quantity 6×100ml.

  5. High sample throughput due to short grinding times and two grinding stations, especially suitable for the disruption of biological cells as well as for DNA/RNA recovery.

  6. Good sealing, eliminate cross-contamination between samples.

  7. Reproducible results by digital preselection of grinding time and vibrational frequency.

  8. Memory keys for three parameter combinations, The grinding process is more standardized and efficient.

  9. The automatic center location and safety locking device can ensure the quick location of the grinding kit, high efficiency, and safety.

  10. The instrument is equipped with an electromagnetic safety system to ensure the safety of the operator.


Feed Size≤15mm
Final FinenessAbout 5 µm (Depending on the nature of the sample and grinding environment)
Feeding Quantity6×100mL
DisplayLCD touch
Setting Grinding time1s-99h59min59s
Continuously adjustable
Intermittent Time setting1s-99min59s
Stop Time setting1s-99min59s
Setting Vibrational frequency1Hz-35Hz60rpm-2100rpm
Grinding Environment rangeDry,Wet,Low temperature grinding in Liquid nitrogen
Grinding Jar volume50ml,35ml,25ml,10ml,5ml
Grinding Jar materialChrome steel,Stainless steel,
Zirconia,Tungsten carbide,PTFE,Agate
Adapter5ml×4 holes (Stainless steel), 5ml×6 holes, 5ml×12 holes, 2ml×10 holes, 2ml×24 holes, 2ml×48 holes, 1.2ml×96holes,
Adapter MaterialPTFE,Stainless steel,Aluminum
Grinding Ball diameter0.1-1.5mm,2mm,3mm,5mm,7mm,
Tool For openingSuitable for 5ml-50ml grinding jar
Grinding Platform2
Load DisplayYes
Automatic center positioning deviceYes
Automatic Storage parameter combination10 groups
Cycles1-20 times
Dimension (mm)384×267×461
Net WeightApprox. 30Kg
Electrical Parameters220V/240W