Ultrasonic Homogenizer


Ultrasonic Homogenizer

IJY92-IIN Ultrasonic Cell Pulverizer is a multi-functional and multi-purpose instrument that uses the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves to process experimental samples. It is suitable for the processing of samples with different volumes (select corresponding probes according to different volumes). It has the advantages of continuously adjustable ultrasonic time and power, and can crush various animal and plant tissues, cells, and bacteria. It can also be used for emulsification, separation, dispersion, extraction, and accelerated chemical reactions. It is widely used in the fields of life science, material science and environmental protection.

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1. LCD big touch display new type    

2. centralized controlled by microprocessor    

3. Step less regulation of the ultrasonic power    

4. Set the ultrasonic time and pause time, temperature accord to requirement    

5. Real-time temperature, frequency monitoring    

6. 10 programmer can be saved    

7. Noise reduction 35db    

8. Have a Sound chamber    

9. Have a temperature sensor    

10. Power 220-240V 50 or 60Hz    

Standard Accessories:    

1. Ultrasonicator  1 pcs    

2. Ultrasonic oscillating system transducer 1 pcs    

3. Noise isolating box 1 pcs    

4. Cross clamp 1 pcs    

5. Tube clamp 1 pcs    

6. Plug wire 1 pcs    

7. Wrench  1 set    

8. Fuse 4 pcs    

9. Manual instruction 1 pcs    


ModelUltrasonic frequencyUltrasonic powerTreatable capacityDuty ratioTitanium tip
Host size 580mm*390mm*465mm  GW:15KG
Sound chamber size:480mm**480mm*570mm GW:14KG
Optional Titanium Tip: Φ 2,3, 8.