Apply to observe or take photos for electrophoresis gel result.

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UV Light Electrophoresis Monitor

● Dark chamber design, no need darkroom, can be used in all-weather;

● Safety for the user;

● Drawer-type light box, convenient for use;

● Strong and durable;

● UV light and white light are available;

● With illumination and camera bracket inside (Camera system is optional).

UV Light Gel Cutting Device

● UV protection cover with damping;

● No dark box, easy to cut glue;

● With the UV transmission function;

●  With metal edging.

Blue Light Electrophoresis Monitor

● Dark chamber design, no need darkroom, can be used in all-weather;

● Uniformity: ≥90%, uniform excitation, no flicker when taking pictures, clearer band;

● Heat Release: Easy to dissipate heat, able to work stably for long time.  More Lighter: Ultra-thin and the thickness is about 15mm;

● More Safer: The blue light filter can effectively filter the illuminance of blue light. No damage to the human body without goggles and masks, and it makes experiments more easier;

● Easy to clean: The blue light filter and the cover are designed separately for easily cleaning;

● Adjustable brightness for easy observation.

Blue Light Gel Cutting Device

● Suitable for observation and detection of gel bands after nucleic acid electrophoresis and gel cutting operation.

● The bottom transmits 470nm blue light, avoiding scattering and diffraction interference caused by luminescence measurement, and improving the quality of observation and photography.

● LED blue light source is safer than UV irradiation and will not cause damage to the eyes and skin, as well as damage to the sample.

● Can meet the vast majority of dye reagents.

● The aluminum alloy shell is stable, beautiful, and durable.

● The filter plate effectively filters out blue light and can be stopped at any angle.

● Automatically cut off the light source in 5 minutes.

White Light Electrophoresis Monitor

● Applicable to the observation and photography of SDS-PAGE protein electrophoresis gel and SSR and other large polyacrylamide gel bands,

● LED white light source and professional light guide plate make the white light more uniform, and the light source intensity is adjustable.

● A dedicated photography device, with adhesive images stored in a computer and without distortion.

● Large viewing area, which can meet thecomparison, observation and photography of gelof different sizes

● Toughened glass panels are sturdy, durable, andeasy to clean.


ItemsUV monitorUV cutterUV monitorBlue LED monitorBlue LED cutterWhite light monitor
Transmission Area (W×L) mm200×200220×200200×200178×50200×200Viewing Range(L×W): 150×150mm
Input Voltage: AC200-240V
Max Power: 20W
Emission Maxima: 470nm
Dimension(L×W×H): 190×205×150
Viewing Range(L×W): 130×130mm
Emission Maxima: 470nm
Viewing Range: 150×200mm
Emission Maxima: 470nm
Viewing Range: 330×270mm
Emission Maxima: 470nm
Pixel8 megapixels
Transmission UV Wavelength (nm)302302254, 365302
Reflection UV Wavelength (nm)254, 365254, 365254, 365
UV Lamp Power (W)88W for 302nm lamp
6W for 254nm and 365nm lamp
68W for 302nm lamp
6W for 254nm and 365nm lamp
Dimension (W×D×H) mm425×430×380390×316×121