Thin Film Evaporation System


Thin Film Evaporation System

The thin film evaporator consists primarily of a heating jacket, an internally rotatable wiper, and a condenser and vacuum system. In the high vacuum system, the feeding liquid is fed from the upper part of the evaporator. After that, under the driving of the gravity and the rotating wiper, a downwardly swirling film is formed along the inner wall surface of the jacket. The finishing fluid is discharged from the bottom discharger, while the steam is discharged from the upper part. The system is very suitable for liquid materials with high viscosity, easy crystallization, easy scaling, suspended solids or heat sensitive properties, and is widely used for pretreatment and finishing of products in the chemical, pharmaceutical, health care and other industries.



1. The glass parts are made of high borosilicate 3.3 material, with excellent visibility;    

2. The magnetic coupling seal can maintain a higher vacuum degree to ensure the evaporation effect;    

3. Scraper film forming design, contact material stainless steel 316L+PTFE;    

4. The sealing ring is made of fluorine rubber or tetrafluoroethylene, suitable for different material applications;    

5. The main evaporator can be designed with the full jacket and full insulation to ensure material fluidity;    

6. Digital display Pirani vacuum gauge, accurate feedback of vacuum degree;    

7. Multi-plan structure configuration to guarantee different material and different process requirements;    


Feeding rate(L/h)0.05-30.1-60.2-100.5-150.5-20
Effective evaporation area(m²)
Cooling area of internal condenser(m²)
Feeding flask volume(L)0.51225
Rotation speed(rpm)50-30050-50050-50050-50050-500
Vaccum level(mbar)
Operation temperature(℃)≤300
Electrical requirement220V,50/60Hz; 380V,50/60Hz(Other options can be provdied)
Equipment size(cm)170*61*170190*61*180190*61*190210*61*230225*60*240


Innova Evaporation System Brochure

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