Oil Centrifuge

Oil Centrifuge

INNOVA can provide you with various special centrifuges, including petroleum centrifuge, CYTO centrifuge / cell smear centrifuge, hematocrit centrifuge, and microplate centrifuge.

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Product Features For petroleum centrifuge:

1. LCD display to show rotor No., speed, time,temperature, RCF, Acc/Dec profile and trouble information/error code.

2. Circularheater for fast heating and temperature uniformity realizes the functions of temperature controlling and temperature holding, which meet the temperature requirements for oil industry.

3. Frequency-conversion motor with high torque is characterized by stable and fast acceleration/deceleration as well as long service life, maintenance free, and low noise for stable operation.

4. The tube is manufactured by special process, which won't be broken so easily during operation and is widely used in Daqing Oilfield.

5. Self-diagnosis system can automatically detect the faults of overspeed, overtemp and display the error code on the display screen to improve the safety performance.

6. Simple operation: Microprocessor control and touch panel. Speed, RCF, temperature, time and Acc/Dec profiles can be set freely. The parameters can be revised during a run for convenient use.

Product Features For CYTO centrifuge / cell  smear centrifuge:

1. Microprocessor control and DC brushless motor.

2. Touch panel and LCD display. RCF can be calculated automatically.

3. Save up to 25 user-defined programs. Featuring a separate short spin key for quick centrifugation.

4. Special damping structure to reduce vibration.

5. Centrifuge lid with soft-touch lid closure. Centrifuge cannot work if the door is open and the door cannot be opened when it is working.

6. Several smear rotors available, it can smear various fluids to achieve the best centrifugation result.

Product Features For hematocrit centrifuge:

1. Microprocessor control, DC brushless motor for stable and low noise operation.

2. During a run, parameters can be set freely without shutdown.

3. Automatic calculation of RCF value, and special RCF key for RCF value checking at any time.

4. Countdown time showed by seconds if the centrifugation time is less than 1min.

5. Self-diagnosis system can automatically detect the faults of overspeed and no speed signal, door lid interlock to improve the safety performance.

Product Features For microplate centrifuge:

1. The instantaneous centrifugation function rises to the maximum speed for about 6 seconds, which can quickly leave the liquid droplets hanging on the wall;

2. Faster acceleration and deceleration rate to complete the experiment in a shorter time;

3. The door cover protection, over-speed and imbalance detection system can monitor the centrifuge process in real time to ensure the safe operation of the instrument;

4. When the operation is over, error or imbalance occurs, the sound signal prompts, and the operation stops at the same time, and the LCD displays the result code;



Order No.205198000
Max. speed3000r/min
Max. RCF890xg
Funnel capacity0.1ml-0.5ml
Max. capacity12-place
Speed accuracy±30r/min
Time setting range1min to 99min
Power supplyAC220V±22V  50/60Hz
Power consumption260W
Product dimension
Packing dimension
Net weight19kg

Max. speed12000rpm
Max. RCF14800xg
Max. capacity36 capillaries
Speed accuracy±30rpm
Time setting range1min to 99min
Power supplyAC220±22V 50/60Hz 5A
Power consumption300W
Dimensions (WxDxH)(mm)320x370x235
Package size 
Net weight11kg

Max. speed4000rpm
Max. RCF3150xg
Max. capacity4x100ml
Speed accuracy±10rpm
Time setting range1 to 99min
Temp. setting rangeroom temperature+10℃70℃
Power supplyAC220±22V 50/60Hz 10A
Power consumption500W
Product dimension
Packing dimension
Net weight85kg
ModelSENZ3Misoperation/alarm failureSound prompt+display code
Input powerDC24V/2.75ASample loading methodPlace vertically downward
Input power55WWeight3.9kg
Motor/drive modeDC24V DC brushless variable frequency motorNoise60dBA
Display modeHighlight LCDFastest acceleration time≤6s
Effective centrifuge time1-99min.1-59secFastest deceleration time≤5s
Speed step increase10rpmAllowable ambient temperature/relative temperature+5-40℃/80%
Max Capacity2*96hole PCR plate/enzyme label plateDegree of protectionIP20
Max RCF608×gInterference suppression standardEN 61010-1,EN 61010-2-020,EN 61326-1,EN 61010-3-2/A2