Solid Fermenter

Solid Fermenter

INOFE-SS is equipped with a rolling axis vessel, and suitable for the transition experiment of solid fermentation from laboratory scale to production.


● Pilot-scale production
● Production of raw materials for medicine and health products
● Biological feed fermentation
● Research on natural or waste solids    

● Equipped with large viewing port, and easy to observe.
● Using the mixing and crushing system to achieve uniform and stable fermentation.
● Vessel can be directly injected with steam to achieve the purpose of in-situ sterilization.
● The combination of vacuum and ventilation for cooling, and can adjust the water content of the material at the same time.   


Control System:
● With mature, stable, universal Siemens PLC control system to realize automatic control.
● With the functions of real-time display, data recording, data analysis, output printing, password management, abnormal analysis, overlimit alarm, etc.
● With USB interface, and data can be copied directly by USB.
● Running modes:
Manual control: You can open valve or set the percentage of valve opening.
Automatic control: You can select continuous or PID control the switch.
Sequence control: The control of all parameters can be pre-set at least 10 control sections.
Automatic segmentation remotely control: PC control.
Related control: Rotating speed & dissolved oxygen, gasing & dissolved oxygen, feeding & pH, etc.    


Volume10~10000L (optional)
Load rate40%~60%
Vessel materialSUS 316L stainless steel
Vessel structureHorizontal or vertical
GassingStandard: one air intake
Optional: multiple air intakes
SterilizationIn-situ sterilization (steam source external)
Basic controlTemperature, rotating speed, humidity, feed water
Stirring modeRolling Ax. mechanical stirring


INNOVA Bioreactor Fermentation Brochure

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