Premium BOD Incubator


Premium BOD Incubator

The premium BOD incubators of the ZXSD-R series are designed to meet a variety of advanced experimental needs, ranging from BOD determination to incubation of micro-organism cultures, preservation of samples, Drosophila incubation and determination of enzymatic activities, to any applications that need incubations at close to ambient temperature or lower.


It features a 4.3'' TFT touch screen panel, which ensures clear indication as well as easy operations.

Each of the four models has a wide temperature range from ambient -18 °C (minimum 4°C) to 65 °C and can be operated at a single user defined temperature, but can also be programmed with up to 9 different temperature segments within a time frame (18 steps). The (cooling) compressor runs continuously and the control is done through a solenoid valve for more precise temperature control if lower than ambient temperatures are required.

▶ P.I.D. microprocessor ensures the precision of temperature control under both fixed value mode and programmable mode.

▶ 4.3’’ TFT touch screen panel displays all parameters, easy operation and readout for all control modes.

▶ Three-dimensional airflow system ensures fast response, and high uniformity of ±1.0°C@37°C.

▶ Sound cooling system with CFC free refrigerant, ozone layer friendly.

▶ Automatic defrosting: only minimal ice formation and very low heat discharge into working area occurs the unit can continue operating when defrosting.

▶ Real-time electronic timer from 0 to 9999 minutes.

▶ Non-volatile memory retains pre-set parameters in case of power interruption.

▶ Triple safety protections for samples, incubator and environment.

▶ Independent device for over temperature, high current flow and electric leakage.

▶ Standard configurations; a double layer tempered glass observe window in outer door, an inner glass door, forced air circulation, a fluorescent lamp, 50 mm test port and 2 grids, built-in printer.

▶ Optional UV Lamp, RS-232 interface available.




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