Plasma Purification

When ionized by high positive and negative voltage, the air can produce a large number of positive and negative ions which will then neutralize with each other, releasing a burst of energy and killing the surrounding bactera and viruses in an instant.

Two kinds of filters to reach class 100,000 cleanliness

Primary filter: Primary filter mainly filter hair, dust and other large particles of dust.

Activated carbon filter: Activated carbon filter can efficiently absorb odours and organic gas, such as methanal.

Fresh Air

Negative-ion generator can release negative ions to purify air so that users can enjoy clean air like immersing themselves in a forest.

Friendly Design

Man-machine coexistence: 

During working time, the machine does not produce any harmful substances, does not cause secondary pollution to the environment, and is harmless to human body.

Power cut memory function: 

Power cut memory function can make sure the machine to recover the settings before power cut, instead reset manually.

Timed turn on and off function:

The machine can be setted arbitrary time to turn on or off based on the different scenario.

Remote operation: 

Infrared remote control, easy to operate.


ModelInstallationDimensions(mm)Airflow volume(m3/h)Applicable volume(m3)VoltagePower(W)Negative ion concentration(/cm3)Plasma intensity(kV)

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